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关于”见义勇为英雄说的话“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:What heroes say。以下是关于见义勇为英雄说的话的初三英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What heroes say

Because it is a positive preparation, most Chinese firefighters have served for many years, while the average age of fire is a practical science. The front-line practitioners not only need good physical fitness and professional skills, but also need to cover a wide range of knowledge, accumulate practical experience and positive institutional constraints in long-term practice. Professional fire-fighting personnel are unsustainable, and many people are inseparable Do you want to start an army to study? If you leave the sergeant, you will have to face the challenge of frequent promotion.

There are a lot of rich experience and excellent service. Excellent sergeants have to face the grim reality of extinguishing the fire casualties of firefighters during the peak period of physical fitness. This problem will fully expose that the servicemen who have volunteered for the fire brigade with insufficient experience and low professional level have been in this era of self-protection for many years Weak awareness, often full of enthusiasm in the face of major dangers, foreign comparison, most developed countries have a professional fire system, when the threshold for firefighters is high, at the same time, they have rich welfare, so they are most willing to take firefighters as a lifelong career, work for several years, and have unique advantages in accumulating experience and tradition.




My grandfather my grandfather my grandfather died three years ago, but his behavior, spirit and concern for me are still in my mind. My grandfather was a doctor. He had many good ways to treat diseases.

He had a strong sense of responsibility when he worked. ② one day, my grandfather had a high fever and moaned in bed. But when he learned that a patient needed treatment, he stood up and examined carefully Patient, when we see the sweat on his forehead dripping down, our eyes are full of tears.

My grandfather not only worked hard, but also took good care of me when I was very young. Every time I got good grades, I would live with him. If I met him, his face would show a bright smile.

It was a little difficult. He would say don't lose heart. You try your best.

I believe you will Successful, under his encouragement, I made continuous progress in my study. I love him and respect him. My grandfather was sent to the hospital because of his serious illness.

Only the day before his death did he allow his mother to take me to see him. But when I got there, he could hardly speak. He just looked at me for a while, and he said a good word with difficulty.

This is the last word he said to me. The next day I cried and nodded. He died.

I will never see him again. Dear grandfather, I will remember your words and be a good man. ② Responsibility [responsibility] n.

③ Groan [groan] v..





I love my family in Jilin City. Jilin city is a city surrounded by mountains. The famous rivers flow endlessly.

The beautiful mountains and rivers here are also the beauty of mountains in Jilin City. It is located in the two famous (North mountains) (Longtan mountain is located in the suburb (Mopan Mountain) (the head of Zhuque mountain) and the north mountain. There are religious holy places and mountains.

There are many temples here every year There are temple fairs and chicken shops. When many tourists come here, the ancient buildings on the mountain are lush, the trees are fresh and the air is fresh, which makes people a good place to do morning exercises. "Shuo" (Mopan Mountain) is a famous mountain temple "Lingyan Temple".

During the heyday of incense, "Shuo" (Zhuque mountain) is a forest park. There is a horse riding, archery, skiing and other entertainment items on the mountain every day There are many tourist attractions in Jilin City: the famous suburb of Songhua Lake in Jilin City, where there are rich water resources and delicious wild fish in Songhua Lake. It is a holy land for tourism.

There are many lovely people in Jilin City. Jilin City has many lovely people. Jilin city's special police is a model of learning from police.

Jilin city's special police are their security They are also the most lovely taxi drivers in Jilin City. They are the example of Jilin City in many emergencies. They always play an important role, such as: rescuing the brave and righteous Shi Jin Bu mu in Jilin City.

In Jilin City and Jilin City, where I love my family, I am full of praise.


我爱我家在吉林市,吉林市是一座群山环抱的城市,著名的川流不息位于松花江之乡的美丽之城这里的山川秀美更是吉林市的山岳之美:它位于市区两大著名的(北山)(龙潭山位于郊区(磨盘山)(朱雀山首)、(北山)有宗教圣地、群山这里有很多寺庙,每年都有庙会和鸡店,当很多游客来此旅游时“说”(龙潭山)山上古建筑葱郁树木空气清新,使人们成为晨练的好去处“说”(磨盘山)是著名的山岳寺庙“灵岩寺”,那里香火鼎盛时期“说”(朱雀山)是一个森林公园,山上有一个骑马射箭滑雪等娱乐项目,每天都有不少吸引游客的吉林市水域:著名的吉林市松花湖近郊,那里有丰富的水资源,有美味的松花湖野鱼,是一个旅游圣地,在松花江上也有从吉林市川流不息到美国的吉林市:吉林市有很多很多可爱的人,吉林市的特警是学习警察的典范,吉林市特警为他们的安全流下了血汗,可以说,他们也是吉林市最可爱的出租车司机,他们是吉林市在很多突发事件中的榜样,他们总是扮演着重要的角色,比如:现场营救了吉林市见义勇为的施金不昧等,在吉林市我和我爱我家的吉林市赞不绝口: : : : :。

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