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关于”生死“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:life and death。以下是关于生死的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:life and death

"Titanic" tells the story of a ship bumping into an iceberg and boarding a luxury liner. When I see this film, the protagonist Ruth jack is shocked by their feelings. The film tells the story of the protagonist Jack and Ruth meeting on the luxury passenger ship.

They love each other. A luxury passenger ship sails on the sea, but hits the ice sea. The captain of the ship is old and weak On the lifeboat, the rest of the people are waiting for death.

When Ruth's boat returns to the boat, they look for Jack. They decide to wait until the boat sinks and then run away and fall into the water. They are easy to encounter a piece of wood, but the wood can only sit quietly.

Jack pushes Ruth up. In the moment between life and death in cold water, Jack chooses Ruth, and he saves Lu with his great love Silk's life, he froze to death in the water, he is a God, but between life and death, there are many shameless people, some money first, defile the pure life, some people did not sink, Ruth head press, human nature is good or bad, here will be able to show, between life and death, human beings are obviously afraid of death, however, there are more important things than life, choose others to live Life is noble. Great love conquers fear.

Jack lets Ruth survive. He lets your life and love life escape from death. In contrast, those who hurt others for their own benefit, such as Li Jiamou, sell Du Shiniang to others for money.

Compared with Jack, he is so brazen, small and scornful of death. Although it is terrible, every one of them is not afraid of death People can live well and make people feel happy. Life doesn't mean that there is only one person, other people or animals.

Selfish people will not be happy. When you see a person is happy, he will be happy. He will be happy in front of great love.

A person's life is very small. Jack gave up his whole life love for his love, which can make people laugh So it is painful, but save others, their happy death will never win, but a great love, love can let a person not in front of death fear, Jack and Lucy, in my heart is always worth learning, memory of people, cool wind dispelled the hot summer, I think of the Titanic, a moving story.




To be or not to be: that is the question: is "the more noble in mind, the slingshot and arrows that endure the shameless fate, or take up arms against the vastness of trouble, and oppose the end of their death: no more sleep, and one sleep to end the heartache and thousands of natural shocks to the body." this is a kind of pious consummation, a desire to die, a desire to sleep, and perhaps a dream: Yes Ah, there is an obstacle in the sleep of death, and when we get rid of this mortal yoke, what dreams will arise, and we must stop: there is a kind of respect to make the long-term disaster become who is willing to endure the flogging and scorn of time, the mistakes of oppressors, the frustration of proud people, the pain of despised love, the delay of law, the arrogance of office, and No The patient merit of a worthy man, when he can groan and sweat in a tired life with a bald bodkin who will endure Fadel, he will feel the fear of something after death, the undiscovered country, the country from which beno travelers come back, and confuse the will, which makes us prefer to endure the evils we have rather than fly to People we don't know, conscience does make us all cowardly, so the inherent tone of the solution is sickened by the pallor of thought. In this regard, the trend of large and major enterprises has turned wrong and lost the name of action:,,,:,,,,,,,,,.


生存还是毁灭:这就是问题:是否“思想上更高尚的,是忍受着无耻的命运的弹弓和箭,或是拿起武器对抗浩瀚的麻烦,反对结束他们的死亡:不再睡觉,用一个睡眠来结束心痛和肉体所承受的上千次自然冲击,”这是一种虔诚的圆满想死,想睡,也许会做梦:是啊,在死亡的睡眠中有一个障碍,当我们摆脱了这个凡人的枷锁之后,会有什么梦会出现,必须让我们停下来:有一种尊敬,使长久的灾难成为谁愿意忍受时间的鞭笞和蔑视,压迫者的错误,骄傲的人的挫败,被鄙视的爱的痛苦,法律的耽搁,官职的傲慢,以及不值得的人的耐心的功绩,当他自己可以和一个会忍受法德尔的光秃秃的博德金在疲惫的生活下呻吟和流汗时,他会感到对死后某件事的恐惧,这个未被发现的国家,一个本诺旅行者从那里回来的国家,迷惑意志,使我们宁愿忍受我们所拥有的那些弊病,而不愿飞向我们所不知道的人,良知确实使我们所有人都变得懦弱,因此,解决办法的固有色调因思想的苍白而变得病态,在这方面,大幅度和重大的企业,它们的潮流转向错误,失去了行动的名称:,,,,:,,,,,, ,,,, ,。


To save the earth, one of the biggest problems in the world is how to protect the environment. People can see that there is garbage everywhere. It not only pollutes our environment, but also endangers our health.

Therefore, people should not throw rubbish everywhere. Some bosses pour waste water into the water. It will pollute it and may kill people living here.

We have only one earth. It is our only home Garden, we must keep our environment clean and tidy, we must try our best to protect it and make our home more beautiful.



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