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Charles Dickens, the greatest representative of British critical realism, was born in Portsmouth when he was four years old. His family moved to Chatham. His five years there was the happiest day in his childhood.

He found a pile of English novels, which aroused his curiosity. Now the key to the literary treasure house is in his hands. The dickens family moved to a slum in London, Dickens Mr.

gengs was deeply in debt and didn't know which way to make money. Finally, he was taken to London's Marshall sea prison. Soon after, Mrs.

Dickens and her two young children went to prison to be reunited with their father. One year old Charles was sent to work in a factory in the east end of London. He started at eight o'clock on Sunday morning and ended at eight o'clock in the evening.

When he left the factory on a painful day, on a painful day, he refused to pass the place where the factory was located. This had a profound impact on Dickens' thought and work. For many years, Charles Dickens has visited the United States in the autumn.

Wherever he goes, the reception is always the same as the night before the ticket sale. In the morning, the crowd comes to the door to wait in line, and the street becomes a camping ground where men, women and children sit or sleep. In New York, swindlers charge $2 for tickets and $5 for seats, while people wait there from 9 a.m.

for the night's performance, no matter where it is, as long as the reading is successful, but the audience is surprised to hear that their favorite novel characters speak in an English accent after reading it. Dickens gets on a ship to England when his passengers ask for it When reading, he replied that if he didn't read a word, he would attack the captain and be put in prison to criticize Realism: the main stylistic feature of Dickens is his application of critical realism. Dickens' novels are set in the real environment.

For example, in factories or streets, his characters represent all aspects of society, from beggars, criminals, orphans to factory owners The critical realistic description of Victorian working class life may have made Dickens the greatest writer of all time.





Oliver Twist is a realistic novel written by Charles Dickens, an English writer. It is published in London. It tells the miserable life experience and experience of Oliver, an orphan who grew up in an orphanage.

He has experienced many difficulties and overcome them bravely. No matter how difficult the situation is, he is still full of hope and kindness http://wwwadreepcn/cz/html.




"Les miserables" is Victor Hugo's masterpiece. As one of the most famous novels in French literature, the basic plot of the novel is a miserable life course. He was originally a poor family background worker.

He was arrested for stealing bread for his family members with insufficient income. After years of imprisonment and hard labor, he also committed theft However, under the influence of Rice's sadness, the bishop of benevolence turned into a self abandoning man. He disguised himself as wild and enterprising, but was elected mayor but was arrested for revealing his identity.

After escaping from prison, he rescued Cosette, the daughter of Fantine, the late worker, from an illegitimate son. Later, he came to Paris and was pursued by the police. Jean Valjean's life was full of hard labor and vagrancy Pain, this is the main line of the novel.

Les miserables is a combination of realism and romanticism. Many chapters shine with the brilliance of realism. For example, the plot arrangement of the bastion in Paris is more real, but the romantic technique is also more obvious.

It writes many extraordinary things, such as the temple which is lifted up in the coffin by Ran Ran Ran, and he rises from the barricade The rescue of Marius in the novel is characterized by grotesque shapes, imitators and environmental descriptions. The use of symbolism and contrast in characters also reflects the characteristics of romanticism.



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