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关于”新闻稿的及“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Press release and。以下是关于新闻稿的及的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Press release and

My favorite star is Tang Wei. She is an excellent actress and singer. She is recognized as one of the "top ten camp beauties" in drama academy.

She was born in Shanghai on December 6. She is meters tall and weighs kilos. She is a pair of beautiful big eyes.

In addition, what impresses people is her sweet smile and her optimistic personality. Tiffany's favorite colors are light purple and pink. She is very interested in running and playing badminton.

She also likes reading, listening to music and watching movies. When Tang was only young, she participated in the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games "Chinese minutes" directed by famous director Zhang Yimou, As a loyal fan of Tang Jun, she has attracted more and more attention from the public all over the world. I hope she can keep up with her and achieve greater success in more fields.





According to the Tabasco attorney general's office, a Mexican journalist who was kidnapped in, was cut into pieces and burned to death in a barrel. The Tabasco attorney general's office said the judgment on the fate of journalist Rudolph Lincoln taracena was based on the confessions of the person suspected of kidnapping him, but it is believed that his remains did not contain enough DNA to test the state attorney general's office At a news conference in the southern state of Tabasco on Sunday, Mr. Shi revealed the details of an investigation after he wrote an article for the Tabasco Hoy newspaper about the small-scale drug trade in the city of villahmosa, according to the state attorney general's office, Akal Sosa, in a press release Sosa said the kidnapping suspect who described the murder belonged to Los Zetas According to the state attorney general's office, the police found the charred remains, metal barrels and clothes of at least five people on one property.

According to the state attorney general's office, several DNA tests to identify the remains were unsuccessful, and Lin Kong and others were beheaded and dismembered After that, they are poured with diesel oil and burned in metal drumsticks. The details of Rincon's death come at a time when the Mexican government is under pressure from the international press freedom organization to make progress in investigating crimes against journalists, three journalists were killed in Mexico this year.


据塔巴斯科州检察长办公室称,年被绑架的一名墨西哥记者被切成碎片,并被烧死在一个桶里,塔巴斯科州检察长办公室称,对记者鲁道夫·林肯·塔拉塞纳命运的判断是基于涉嫌绑架他的人的供述,不过据信,据信是他的遗骸没有保存足够的DNA测试州总检察长办公室在星期天在南部塔巴斯科州的一次新闻发布会上透露了一项调查的细节,因为他为塔巴斯科霍伊报纸写了关于维拉赫莫萨市小规模毒品交易的文章,当局在一份新闻稿中说,根据州检察长办公室阿卡尔·索萨(Akal Sosa)的说法,描述这起谋杀事件的绑架嫌疑人属于洛斯泽塔斯卡特尔(Los Zetas cartel)的一个小分队,他与其他人一起在核实账目时被捕,据国家检察长办公室的消息,警方在一处财产上发现了至少五人烧焦的遗骸、金属桶和衣服,根据国家检察长办公室的消息,为确认遗体身份而进行的多次DNA测试均未成功,林孔和其他人被斩首和肢解,然后被浇上柴油并在金属鼓槌内燃烧。林孔死亡的细节是在墨西哥政府受到国际新闻自由组织的压力,要求在调查针对新闻记者的罪行方面取得进展之际,三名记者今年在墨西哥被杀。


Introduction to Turkey the magic of Turkey is constantly emerging in its history, culture, food, human nature, exoticism and commerce. It is naturally known as "the cradle of civilization". It has more Greek relics than Greece and more Roman archaeological sites than all parts of Italy.

Turkey is also the main custodian of Holy Land revered by Christians, Jews and Muslims The chief custodian of the precious heritage of early Greek civilization, Byzantine majesty, Ottoman culture and art, but while most travel brochures are about archaeological sites and artistic masterpieces, few put the appropriate space on Turkey's magnificent Mediterranean scenery, its self indulgent pleasure (imagine bathing in a mineral mud bath, or nature) Turkey is a unique country that is still untouched and innocent. Tourists from all over the world come to witness its lifestyle, which is a great surprise to tourists. In other parts of the world, crowds of rubbing hands, Bermuda's short sentences, and the arrival of cameramen make tourists shout "damned tourists." Turks sincerely welcome their guests.

In a population where people can't afford meat and there is no real "bitter" in the local language, this spirit and boundless generosity can compete with it until you experience the enthusiasm of Turks Guest, you hardly break the surface of generosity, because Turkey is full of all kinds of wealth, so the most difficult decision is not to look at it. I found that if you don't write Turkey as a press release, it will be very difficult, because the country is so high and the culture is completely opposite to what you expect, you will soon understand why no one left Turkey cold A light impression.



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