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关于”不一样的暑假“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Different summer vacation。以下是关于不一样的暑假的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Different summer vacation

The successful people in this world are those who stand up and look for the environment they want. If they can't find them, turn them into this. This is what a great writer Bernard Shaw said.

This view has now been accepted by more and more people. I am very happy to accept university education. I have come to the conclusion that there is a reason why I did not go to university.

But first of all, for many people, University is an ideal place to broaden their horizons and make more friends. Young people in the 21st century should be open-minded, not narrow-minded, ready to meet more challenges and make more friends in these four years. Second, I don't want to step into the society immediately.

I'm afraid that I am not fully prepared for the working environment: complicated interpersonal problems, competing for positions, huge pressure, etc., I have to face all kinds of major conflicts and trivial things. I seem to be under too much pressure, but this is actually a part of my final choice. Thanks to the strong support of my parents, I can continue to study in University and spare no effort to realize their expectations of me: to be a well-trained and comprehensive person, I will learn experience in college life, challenge myself and become an outstanding person in the future.

During this period of time, my first semester of University passed very quickly, and I was deeply impressed by many meaningful things unconsciously.





I was unlucky yesterday. I felt that everything was wrong. I couldn't understand why all the bad things happened to me in one day.

Fortunately, my alarm clock didn't ring, and my headache was half an hour later than usual. When I was making omelettes, my fingers were scalded, the omelet was splashed all over the floor, and there was no time for breakfast. I rushed out of the house on an empty stomach The finger was hurt.

I was going to take the subway, but somehow I couldn't catch up.




My favorite movie is transformers. This movie is made in the United States. It uses a lot of high-tech and computer special effects.

I like this movie very much. It has huge scenes and famous movie stars, and it has a good story. It tells me to respect anyone who protects us.

This film requires us to fight the enemy bravely and have the courage to live in danger. It also has a lot of advantages Multi robot Troy I love this is my favorite movie. My favorite movie is the love story of rose and Jack meeting on the Titanic.

On the way of love, they fell in love, they met many obstacles, but four days after the Titanic set off, a huge iceberg floated towards her. The ship was broken by an iceberg, and many people could not save it except rose and Jack. Jack sacrificed his life to save rose.

In this film, when the ship is in an accident, some people prefer to help others rather than save themselves, such as sailors and musicians. This film has made me think a lot about the relationship between people around you. For example, when we are facing love, how to express our feelings to our loved ones, and how to solve these problems perfectly when we are facing social problems.

Let's assume that we take different positions on the Titanic. In my opinion, what should we do when we are outside We do different things in society, but the most important thing is that we should take our responsibilities.




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