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关于”熟悉的发明物“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Familiar inventions。以下是关于熟悉的发明物的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Familiar inventions

Simply different periods of political history are often associated with royal dynasties, or great wars and revolutions in the history of art and architecture can be distinguished by Renaissance, Gothic, Impressionism or surrealism. Therefore, over the centuries, technology has also marked different eras: from primitive tools in the stone age to steam and electricity as the standard Today, we have entered a new era: the computer age, an era in which everything is attributed to the inventor Charles Babbage. The British mathematician Charles Babbage is regarded as the grandfather of the computer many years ago.

To be exact, he invented a kind of precise computer and called it "analysis engine", Like many inventions, his creation is far ahead of time: http / / wwwinventinifiach / computer age and the inventor simple first electronic Computer: the giant computer was built by designing a giant machine that is now widely regarded as the world's first programmable electronic computer. At that time, the post office research department played a key and secret role in helping to win World War II. The purpose of the Colossus was to decipher the information from the German cipher machine.

The original Colossus was called Lorenz SZ, which uses a large number of telephone switching components and electronic valves, is only the size of a small room. This one ton "rope and wax event" can process characters in a second, and complete the millions of possible cipher wheel settings on Lorenz system in hours rather than weeks. Both machines were made by Tommy flowers of Doris mountain The post office research team led by flowers) designed and built it and transported it to the secret code cracking center, which is located in Blackie park near Milton Keynes.

The demonstration was held there in December. In order to welcome the arrival of the first AllInOne desktop computer, we must accelerate the time of nearly 30 years. We are more familiar with that today, this honor belongs to HP, but unfortunately, Few people know that, because HP sells it mainly to scientists and engineers, and it's essentially quiet people: http: / / wwwconnectedearthcom / galleries / from buttons to bytes / into the digitalara / the computerages / indexhm.


简单不同的政治历史时期常常与王室朝代联系在一起,或者艺术史和建筑史上的伟大战争和革命可以通过文艺复兴、哥特式、印象主义或超现实主义等风格来区分,因此,几个世纪以来,技术也标志着不同的时代:从原始工具开始在石器时代,到以蒸汽和电力为标志的工业时代,涡轮机和发动机的发现今天,我们已经进入了一个新时代:计算机时代——一个一切都归功于发明家查尔斯·巴贝奇的时代,英国数学家查尔斯·巴贝奇被认为是多年前计算机的祖父,准确地说,他发明了一种精密的计算机,并称之为“分析引擎”,就像许多发明一样,他的创作远远超前于时间:http//wwwinventionifiach/computerage and theinventorhtsmimple First electronic computer:通过设计一台现在被普遍认为是世界上第一台可编程电子计算机的巨型机器来建造巨型计算机,当时的邮局研究部门在帮助赢得第二次世界大战中发挥了关键而秘密的作用巨像号的目的是破译从德国密码机传来的信息,最初的庞然大物被称为Lorenz sz,它使用了大量的电话交换部件和电子阀门,只有一个小房间那么大,这台重达一吨的“绳子和封蜡事件”可以在一秒钟内处理字符,在数小时内而不是在数周内完成洛伦兹系统上数百万个可能的密码轮设置。这两台机器都是由多利斯山的汤米·弗劳尔斯(Tommy Flowers)领导的邮局研究小组设计和建造的,并将其运至秘密密码破译中心位于米尔顿·凯恩斯附近的布莱奇公园,12月在那里进行了演示,为了迎接第一台allinone台式电脑的到来,我们必须加快近30年的时间,我们今天更熟悉的是,这一荣誉属于惠普,但不幸的是,很少有人知道这一点,因为惠普主要向科学家和工程师推销它,本质上非常安静人物:http://wwwconnectedearthcom/Galleries/from buttonstobytes/into thedigitalera/Thecomputeragedawns/indexhm。


I believe everyone is too familiar with paper, because we need to use it every day. We all know how to make a piece of white paper in front of us. Today, I introduced a small legend to you.

In the first year of BC, Cai Lun successfully invented papermaking. The predecessor of paper summed up his experience, and after repeated experiments, he used bark, linen, rags and old After ramming, copying and arching, fishing net and other materials are finally made into a kind of practical fiber paper, which is called "colorful thick paper". This paper has a great contribution to the reform and promotion of papermaking.




Coca Cola was born on May 1 in Atlanta, Georgia. A local pharmacist, Dr. John Stevens Pemberton, invented the drink at home.

In the first year, his partner used the famous trademark "Coca Cola" for the first time. On average, the beverage sold every day costs us cents. Today, it consumes billions of gallons a year, referred to as "cola", which is widely used in the world "Coca Cola, Coca Cola" and even "bottles with familiar shapes" are registered trademarks of Coca Cola.

Coca Cola has become the most popular soft drink in the world since its early years. In the early bottling plants, Coca Cola set up six cartons in several countries outside the United States, so that consumers could easily take their drinks home. The automatic "Fountain" launched at the Chicago World Expo began to be associated with the Olympic Games during World War II.

At the end of World War II, Coca Cola established bottling plants near military barracks, which are still in operation Coca Cola has become a symbol of world peace. Coca Cola is now very familiar all over the world.



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