了不起的盖茨比读后感英语_After reading the Great Gatsby 4篇

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了不起的盖茨比读后感英语_After reading the Great Gatsby 4篇

关于”了不起的盖茨比读后感“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:After reading the Great Gatsby。以下是关于了不起的盖茨比读后感的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:After reading the Great Gatsby

The film gives a tentative answer: Jane finally returns to Rochester. In fact, when Jane meets Rochester for the first time, she scares his horse and makes his heel tense, which means that Rochester will be recovered because of Jane. We can think of Rochester's experience as a religious experience, which means that he ignited the fire crazily.

After his wife was his early punishment for cynicism, Rochester got the mercy of God and the love of the woman he loved. Here we can say: the perfect combination of human nature and divinity can make such a story meet the requirements of both sides. The price of this film is very good The value may lie in its efforts to explore a new religious belief.

The development path of humanism is constantly changing, but our life principles are still firmly adhered to, and the right to independence gives us enough confidence and courage, which is like a lighthouse on the ocean of aimless life in the movie world. We have found our own story, which makes us pay so much attention to the protagonists In this era of rapid social and technological changes, which is the complexity of life and psychological displacement, the impact of body and spirit on us need a balance, we are likely to fall into the Sargasso Sea of information overload and unconscious life. Our spirit makes life meaningful - the heart is the engine of the body, the brain is the source of thought, and the great movie is the mirror of life.

The novel tells us that the best person to increase the dignity of life is the end of the love novel. This is the life like this. Although I think the ending is too perfect, so perfect and superficial, I still respect the writer's good life The ideal is to increase the dignity of love / in modern society, few people like Jane Eyre, give up everything for the character of love, and do not go back to the pursuit of dedication, and pure as a glass of ice water.




Although ram was a quiet child at first, it was easy to find the roots of his self-confidence, tenacity, faith and even style at home. As a middle-aged child, he was an out of town politician. He challenged the authority in the argument with the father of a good classmate.

He said, "fuck you, uncle Bill." then he began to make a long speech, saying that this man was an Archie Bangla's electricity According to his role, he is a politically incorrect, conservative, bad tempered man. Ezekiel has more information about ram than he does analytically. He attributes the success of the three brothers to active parenting, but it's hard not to conclude that their greatest impact may be on each other - they sleep in the same room, eat at the same table, and play as a whole And many summers, exploring Israel together.




MPI can only be me. There's nothing else I can do. Now I'm glad I'm the best I can do.

You don't need to be faster, bigger, stronger. You don't need to be more than six small wheels. I don't need to be higher or longer because I have its own appearance now.

Who are you, go far, be who you are, who you are, who you are. Go fast, be yourself, go further. We don't need more Fast, bigger, stronger, we don't need more than six little wheels, we don't need to be higher or longer.

I now have my own appearance, who are you, go further, become who, become who, go fast, become who, go further.



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