慰问信的格式_Letter of condolence 2篇

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慰问信的格式_Letter of condolence 2篇

关于”慰问信“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Letter of condolence。以下是关于慰问信的初二英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Letter of condolence

A letter of condolence to the parents of the Columbia astronauts. I'm a student from China's X Middle School. My name is Li Ming.

When I learned from the TV that the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated during re-entry into the atmosphere, all seven astronauts lost their lives. You must be very sad to lose your lovely sons and daughters, but you must also be sorry for you Children are proud, because they have made great contributions to the space project, so please restrain your sadness although they steal this time, we can learn some experience from their failure. We will continue to develop the space project, because we can search more information about Cylon through these projects, and they have not done your best Li Ming 20.


致哥伦比亚号航天员家长的慰问信亲爱的哥伦比亚号航天员的父母我是一名来自中国X中学的学生我叫李明当我从电视上得知航天飞机哥伦比亚号在重返大气层时解体,七名宇航员都失去了他们的生命你失去了你可爱的儿子女儿们你一定很伤心,但是你也必须为你的孩子感到骄傲,因为他们为太空项目做出了巨大的贡献,所以请克制你的悲伤 虽然这一次他们偷窃了,但我们可以从他们的失败中得到一些经验我们会继续发展太空项目,因为我们可以通过这些项目和搜索更多关于赛昂的信息,他们没有做过你的谨致 李明二十。


First of all, I would like to make a statement of sympathy, followed by some sentences about common experiences or relationships, and express some sympathy and love. Dear president Anderson, we saw in the times this morning that Mr. Yong'an, chairman of your company, has passed away.

I am writing to express my deep sympathy on behalf of my colleagues. I have been fortunate to know Mr. Yonga for many years, And always regarded him as a personal friend, because of his untimely death, our industry has lost one of its most capable leaders.

Our representative office in London recalled the many benefits he had given me and the pleasure of doing business with him. With him, all of us who knew him and worked with him to build a better community between our two businesses would miss him very much. Please accept our deepest sympathy and convey our best wishes to Ms.

Yonga and her family, L & L Industries Limited, London Representative Office of Kevin Smith.


首先发表一份慰问声明,接着是一些关于共同经历或关系的句子,并表达一些慰问和爱意亲爱的安德森总统,我们今天早上在《泰晤士报》上看到贵公司董事长永安先生去世了,我正在写信立即代表我的同事们向我表示深切的同情,我有幸认识了Yonga先生很多年,并一直把他视为一个私人朋友,因为他的不合时宜的去世,我们的行业失去了一位最有能力的领导人。我们在伦敦的代表处回忆起他对我的许多恩惠和经商的乐趣与他一道,我们所有认识他并与他一起努力在我们两个企业之间建立一个更好的社区的人都会非常想念他。请接受我们最深切的同情,并向Yonga女士及其家人凯文·史密斯(Kevin Smith)伦敦代表处L&L实业有限公司转达我们最良好的祝愿。


Dear Bob: I'm sorry to hear that you are sick in our daily life. You give us too much love and care, and sometimes even ignore yourself. It is because of your hard work that we can make continuous progress.

The students in each class are looking forward to your recovery as soon as possible when you are not there. We all miss you very much because you are not only a teacher, we all love you and hope you can recover soon. Li Hua, I wish you a speedy recovery.



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