关于婚礼的英语作文_wedding 4篇

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关于婚礼的英语作文_wedding 4篇



Wedding, is an important thing in one's life, for a person contains a deep emotional significance. However, for a country and a nation, wedding is not only a ceremony, but also a cultural phenomenon. It is the concentrated embodiment of the combination of multi-ethnic civilization.

The wisdom and marriage customs of the whole nation are condensed from each dynasty. The unique civilization phenomenon of a nation can be reflected. Therefore, the research on the wedding custom of a country is to find the unique civilization of this country Our information will be based on the wedding customs of the two countries as samples to explore China & Britain China is an ancient eastern palace with profound civilization thoughts.

Its wedding customs are various in English, which is a unique representative of the courts of English speaking countries. Moreover, wedding customs also have their own characteristics, representing the East and the West. Comparing the wedding customs and civilization level of the two countries, we can find the In the multicultural background of modern society, compared with the traditional wedding values, we analyze the movement trend of Chinese modern wedding.

This trend is that modern Chinese wedding combines the characteristics of Western wedding. The significance of this paper to this phenomenon is that we can recognize the movement trend of modern civilization from the change of marriage customs.




I remember his young father holding his young face in my hand, and my son rolling around my face, and I don't think he'll look me in the eyes like a tired little boy any more, like a girl and a half of my hooligans leaning over my side, guests clapping, kissing me on the cheek and straightening me up. The past tears of regret threatened my eyes, no one did not regret tears, I do not regret, this boy - this man - is concerned, always my pure happiness, can not erase the sadness and sadness, heartache, but never regret the pain of giving birth to a child is like losing a family member. If my son is everything he wants, there is no regret when the music slows down.

His mood seemed to be shaking. If I saw any feeling in his eyes, I would cry into his arms and put my head on his strong shoulder. Silence had already come to the whole room, even the children were in a hurry.

The soft piano guides us around the floor of our face, which is always close to us, and new faces are destined to be the same. When I realized that this was not a day for tears, a smile appeared on my face. It's a very subtle gesture to let me know that it's my turn to care about my new daughter.

It's not a day to cry, but they can't threaten my sighs and touch his smooth cheek. Seeing a baby's face and manis this day is hard for all mothers, and I can't help thinking when the music easily switches to the one he chooses to dance with, and then use my other A hand found her shy face, and I couldn't talk to them, but I knew my heart was in my eyes, because every one who accepted my kiss came to the edge of the floor, and I suddenly realized that I did have a regret today that my husband was not here to hold my hand Melissa kebenon - spinning, flashing, pranks, though.






Weddings vary from person to person and from region to region. But from the past to the present, everyone thinks that wedding is an important and happy thing. People in the western world go to church to attend the wedding, while some African tribes hold their wedding outdoors with bonfire and dance.

The wedding ceremony is different from the wedding abroad. In our rural areas, people are used to taking the bride from their parents' home in sedan chair In our city, the bridegroom can take the bride to his new house by bike or tractor. Brides prefer to take taxis decorated with flowers.

A Chinese character on the taxi window means "double happiness". However, no matter in the countryside or in the city, the wedding banquet is indispensable. Relatives and friends will be invited to the banquet to drink to the happiness of the bride and groom.



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