英语的各种时态的归纳与总结_Induction and summary of various tenses 5篇

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英语的各种时态的归纳与总结_Induction and summary of various tenses 5篇

关于”各种时态的归纳与总结“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Induction and summary of various tenses。以下是关于各种时态的归纳与总结的初中英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Induction and summary of various tenses

Spartans n. Laconia n. laconsn.

Tycoon n. Laconia. We met a short answer.

I heard that in ancient Greece, there was a people called Sparta. Spartans were famous for their bravery and simplicity in living in Laconia. They were also known as lacanians.

Lacanians have many strange rules. One of them is that they should be brief and not use too many words. This story reminds me of one of my junior high school classmates.

Once he told me that their league secretary often got them into the trouble of a long meeting. At the meeting, she would talk for a long time. If she didn't realize that, in such a short conversation, no one would waste all her precious words on her, but she did not have the courage to put her in such a short time I'd rather be regarded as a bad student so that I can make full use of my precious time.

This sentence sounds frustrating, but such a thing happened not only in my friend's school, but also in many offices and units. Everyone must bear in mind that time is money, time is life. If a person is still enjoying an hour or two meeting, a cup of tea and a cigarette, he is wasting his own life, and so is the life of others In fact, measures have been taken to shorten the meeting time.

A Japanese tycoon once suggested that his officials should stay standing during the meeting. It is reported that in the United States, there was a two minute meeting. The monitor of our class once asked us to stand at the class meeting, just like tycoon.

Although it looks interesting, it shows that we are all tired of unnecessary long meeting time It's money, time is life. We all have to treat time as a treasure, especially in our modern world conference, or we don't have a meeting at all.


斯帕图斯n.拉科尼亚n.拉康斯n.大亨n.拉科尼a.我们见面的简短回答我听说在古希腊有一个叫斯巴达的民族,斯巴达人因生活在拉科尼亚的勇敢和朴素而闻名,他们也被称为拉康人拉康人有很多奇怪的规则其中一条是他们说话要简短,不要用太多的词。这个故事让我想起了我的一个初中同学,有一次他告诉我,他们的Leagus秘书经常让他们陷入长会的麻烦,在会上她会说很长时间,如果她没有意识到,在这样一个简短的谈话中,没有人会把她所有宝贵的话语都浪费在她身上,而她却没有勇气在这么短的时间里把她自己的话都说出来,我宁愿被认为是一个坏学生,这样我才能充分利用我宝贵的时间。这句话听起来令人沮丧,但这样的事情不仅发生在我朋友的学校里,而且发生在许多办公室和单位里,每个人都必须牢记:时间就是金钱,时间就是生命,如果一个人还在享受一个两小时的会议一杯茶和一支烟,他是在浪费自己的生命,而他人的生命也是如此,事实上人们已经采取措施缩短会议时间,之前有一位日本大亨曾建议他的官员在会议期间继续站着,据报道,在美国,曾经有一种两分钟的会议我们班的班长曾经让我们站在班会上,就像大亨那样,虽然看起来很有趣,但这表明我们都厌倦了不必要的长时间会议时间是金钱,时间就是生命,我们都必须把时间当作珍宝,尤其是在我们现代的世界性会议上,或者根本不开会①严重的[sivi li]ad.②遗憾的[rigretfuli]ad.③记住④(被)厌倦了简洁。


Some of my s / S / es OS es ffesv are ① s / T / / / S / (chshsxes ② o (Negro herotomopato) ess ③ ffefs ④ feet distance of children named deersheepsheep Chinese oxxenmanwomen women women ① SS ② SS ③ ofa, BBA hopewishwantagee promises to ask garbage managers and decete Pete, and choose Ms. P black to miss a beef bag (P M = mind r = risk s = success P = practice B = busy L = looking forward to the future a = appreciation = unable to help k = persistence = suggestion = stop = enjoy happiness = delay a = avoid B = valuable a = suggest g = give up listening to ensure the effectiveness of the notice. In addition to asasasasnot, it doesn't include ① asasasasnot ① + SOAs not ① + not Dow.

What should I do if my son got up late this morning and had only two bread B two slices of bread for breakfast.


我的一些s/s/es os es FFESV为①s/t///s/(chshsxes②o(Negroherotomotopato)ess③FFEFES④儿童名为DeeersheepsheepChinese Oxxenmanwomanwomenwomen的脚距①ss②ss③ofA的BBA HOPEWISHWANTAGREE承诺要求垃圾管理者和DECITE PETE,并选择P Black女士错过了一个牛肉包(P M=头脑r=风险s=成功P=实践B=忙碌l=展望未来a=赞赏=无法帮助k=坚持M=坚持=建议=停止=享受快乐=延迟a=避免B=有价值a=建议G=放弃倾听,以确保看到通知的有效性。除了ASASASASASNOT以外,还不包括①ASASASASNOT①+soas not①+not DOW可以③什么如果我儿子今天早上起晚了,他早餐只吃了两个面包B两片面包,那该怎么办。


See the notice find the feeling listen watch + do for example: I like to watch monkeys jump and) a piece of cake = easy to agree with someone all kinds of the world = the whole world follow for example: I will go with you, the students will plant trees with their teachers, as long as you can see and ask, for example: ask you for my book ask someone to do something ask someone not to do something ask someone not to do something To do something I am 16 years old, I am at the beginning of sixteen years old at the end of + / + e.g. at this time of day, I have confidence in something / that clause.



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