好的英语句子摘抄 优美_Good sentences are beautiful 5篇

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好的英语句子摘抄 优美_Good sentences are beautiful 5篇

关于”好的句子 优美“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Good sentences are beautiful。以下是关于好的句子 优美的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Good sentences are beautiful

Mother is praised by people all over the world. Indeed, mother is so great. She gave birth to us, taught us how to face the world and take care of us all the time.

If you ask me who is the most beautiful person in the world, there is no doubt that my mother is the most beautiful person in my eyes. I love her, and no one can replace her. When you are asked who you think is the most beautiful person in the world, I will say that my mother is the most beautiful person in the world.

She means a lot to me. She is the one who takes care of me all the time. When I feel unhappy, she is the first to realize and be safe My mother is a housewife, but she is kind and I love her, so many people bring their mother to this world.

It is the mother who gave birth to us and raised us with her patience and care. Every year there is a mother's day, which is to remind people of their respect for their mothers. There is no doubt that mothers are the most beautiful people in the world.

We should often visit our mothers, although we are very busy, accompany them and talk to them.




Forest is our paradise. It is the home of animals. It is the only machine to make air.

Forest is very important on the earth because there is a forest on our earth that will be alive. Forest plays a very important role in our life. Forest has the reputation of "lung of the earth".

It can absorb a lot of carbon dioxide. We need oxygen to make human beings and other animals Second, forests can also prevent strong typhoons, violent flash floods and serious natural disasters, and reduce the losses caused by natural disasters to human beings. Third, forests are the homes of animals.

If there is no forest, small animals will be homeless and more likely to die. In this way, they will be greatly reduced and prosperous. The beautiful spring forest is the home of large animals There are many reasons for the occurrence of fire, which can be divided into two categories: one is man-made, the other is natural fire.

The main reason is man-made, such as worshipping ancestors, lighting incense and so on. It is easy to cause a fire if the candle is not extinguished, or it is easy to throw cigarette butts, set off wrong fireworks and have a picnic on the mountain. Natural fires also occur frequently, which requires people to improve Alert, forest fire is so easy to happen, what measures should China take to carry out forest fire prevention publicity, and put up forest fire prevention knowledge and accidents on the bulletin board, and post some forest disaster cases to tell people the harm of forest fire to people.

As a primary school student, we should start from small things, strictly abide by the code of conduct, and stay away from the outside They set off firecrackers and some signs in the forest, which read: forest fire prevention responsibility forest fire prevention kneeling in the forest smoking firecrackers said: forest fire prevention is everyone's responsibility.



满分英语范文3:好的句子 优美

Long distance love has always been a hot topic for young people. Most of them have had such experience. Some people think that if a couple falls in love, distance is not a big deal, while others think it is difficult to maintain such a distance relationship.

For me, distance hinders communication. We should think twice before making a decision, Long distance love means loneliness and torture. When two people are in different places, they need to keep in touch through computers or mobile phones.

When two people fall in love, they can't face each other for a long time. They hope to see each other every day and share happiness and sadness. Long distance travel distresses couples.

When they need each other, their partner is always absent, and then they feel lonely and sad. On the other hand, when a couple decides to start a long-distance relationship, long-distance love will increase trust problems. The first problem they worry about is temptation, because they can't see each other every day, and they will think about their boyfriends and girls What happens to friends? Maybe others are chasing them, or we will break up soon.

If they can hold on to these things, it means that they trust each other deeply, their love is a solid distance, love is so painful, but if you can overcome loneliness, then you can start to love from a distance.



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