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关于”中国饮食“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Chinese diet。以下是关于中国饮食的四年级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Chinese diet

A good eating habit, three meals a day, reasonable distribution of food to adapt to physiological conditions and work requirements, the best distribution ratio should be if a day to eat 1 jin of grain, then sooner or later two people at noon to eat two more appropriate meat, vegetarian with appropriate protein, calcium, phosphorus and fat soluble vitamins in unsaturated fatty acids than vegetarians and vegetarians, vitamins and cellulose are better than Another kind of meat. Therefore, the proper combination of vegetarian meat can help people to be healthy and not picky about food. They can eat all kinds of food that the body needs, and no natural food can contain all the nutrients that the human body needs.

A single food, regardless of the amount of food and the amount of nutrition, can not maintain the health of the body You can't be picky about food or long-term partiality, and don't drink too much. As the saying goes, "you should be healthy enough to eat. However," this is a truth.

Overeating will not only damage the digestion and absorption function of gastrointestinal tract, cause acute gastroenteritis, acute gastric dilatation and acute pancreatitis, but also affect cardiac activity due to the rise of diaphragm, which may induce the heart. If not rescued in time, it will be dangerous As a result, do not eat, drink or overeat at at any time.




When you are in China, you have to admit that you are lost in the food garden. For me, what I am good at is tasting rather than cooking. When you are a Roman religion in Rome, chopsticks are a necessary tool for you to eat.

As long as Beijing daily food, steamed bread seems to be foreign food, Chinese traditional food dumplings are good. Of course, Beijing roast duck is a world-famous table manners. The main difference between Chinese and Western eating habits is that different from the west, in the west, everyone has his own plate of food.

In China, if a Chinese host entertains you, all the dishes are put on the table, everyone can share and prepare a good meal. Chinese people are very proud of their cooking culture, and they will try their best to show their hospitality, sometimes Chinese hosts use chopsticks to put food into your bowl or plate. It's a sign of politeness.

The proper thing to do is to eat something, and if you think it's delicious, say how good it is. What's uncomfortable is that you can politely say thank you and leave the food there.





I want to answer too many questions, but the most important thing I want to tell you is that good / high-quality authentic Chinese restaurants don't add monosodium glutamate to their food. They use high-grade ingredients, and they prepare inventory every day. My father is a good cook.

My sister and I can cook rice. We never put monosodium glutamate in our food. We buy fresh vegetables and seafood in the market every day Our food contains a lot of vegetables, fish and meat (my family eats chicken, freshwater fish and seafood, but there is no beef or mutton when we go to a restaurant to eat Cantonese food.

Steamed fish and lobster are killed soon after we pick them out of the fish tank. China is a big country (as big as the United States) and has the largest population. Therefore, Chinese people in different regions have different cooking styles, styles and tastes.

Sichuan cuisine is very spicy Cantonese food is not spicy at all. People in the North eat wheat flour or steamed bread, while people in the South eat rice or rice flour. Chinese food is different from western food.

We cook first. The Chinese cut the ingredients into small pieces, then fry or steam them. Westerners cut the ingredients into large pieces with knives and forks, and cut the food on the plate with knives and forks.

However, there are some ingredients or seasonings rarely used in Western food, such as jellyfish, sea cucumber and shark fin On the other hand, in western cuisine, rosemary, dill, sage, oregano, thyme, tarragon are rarely found in Chinese food. Chinese people add ginger, green onion, mint, coriander and white pepper to the food Contains cheese, butter, cream or milk.



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