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关于”赞美校园的版“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Praise the campus version。以下是关于赞美校园的版的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Praise the campus version

In today's program, please choose one of the following to share your thoughts ^ ^: why urban health workers are not respected by the society in China? Please share your thoughts. In order to improve this cruel situation, you can put forward some good suggestions. Question: what's wrong with those people who throw garbage at will and behave badly in urban sanitation? Every time I read the news about the bad or unfair treatment of urban health workers, I feel very excited.

On the one hand, they have to endure the bad working environment, on the other hand, they are not respected by the society and the public. This is a very sad fact in China We should face up to the situation. In my opinion, the difference of educational background is greater than other factors.

People without good education can't see the hard and uncomfortable life of those urban beauty workers. What they care about is their own feelings and interests. In addition, if we do not appreciate or cherish the contribution of others to the city, the city will reflect its bad as a mirror.

Therefore, in the face of ourselves, the public needs to learn to respect and behave properly, such as not littering. In addition, the government should also strive to improve the treatment of these sanitation workers and set a good example for the public.





I'm glad you're my teacher. I love every lesson you teach as a role model. You inspire me to dream, to work, to achieve with your kindness.

You get my attention every day. You sow curiosity and motivation to understand, grow and succeed. You help me realize my potential.

I thank you for all you do. I admire you every day. I just want to say, as a teacher You are the first teacher in the four seasons.

Teachers are like spring, pregnant with new green buds. They encourage and guide them. Whenever they have questions, teachers are like summer.

Sunshine makes learning a kind of fun. To prevent dissatisfaction, teachers are like autumn. The method is clear and clear, the course is colorful and the atmosphere is pleasant.

Teachers are like winter, and the snow is flying outside, which makes students feel it To comfort, as a warm and helpful tour guide teacher, you do these things with a happy attitude. You are a teacher who is around all the year round. I am very grateful to you.




The first year of modern snow white on campus is not a fairy tale. You come to a new school, make new friends and face new challenges, but not everyone is happy. This is especially the experience of Sydney white as a freshman at the University of the South Atlantic.

This girl tells her story in the film snow white in Sydney, which was released in September, in America. Sydney wants to join her The late mother's unforgettable fraternity, but she finds that today's sisterhood is not what it used to be; Sydney finds that she has to share a house with seven unwelcome boys; have you noticed something familiar in the story? Yes, it is based on the Classic Fairy Tale Snow White and the seven dwarfs, with two heroines All surnamed white, tomboy Sydney is stronger than snow white; with the help of roommates, Sydney will challenge the campus queen to change the social class of the school. Who will be the winner of the modern version of this age group? You have to watch a movie to know.



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