追风筝的人英文读后感_Kite Runner's thoughts after reading 3篇

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追风筝的人英文读后感_Kite Runner's thoughts after reading 3篇

关于”追风筝的人读后感“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Kite Runner's thoughts after reading。以下是关于追风筝的人读后感的六年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Kite Runner's thoughts after reading

After reading the little match girl in Anderson's fairy tale, I can't help crying "the little girl who sold the match". This article reflects the cruel treatment of the weak and weak forces in injustice and the people in human society. I am really happy that I live in such a happy family, sympathize with the tragic experience of the little match seller, and I hate capitalism to see us further In socialist China, children wear neat clothes, eat delicious meals, live in comfortable rooms, carry schoolbags every day, learn knowledge in the bright classroom, how happy our life is.

I am really proud of socialist life. In order to live with her, we are really and already very happy. She hopes to be with her family and milk Milk together, living an ordinary and happy life, this is obvious, in her eyes, a happy life is laughing with her family, no matter how poor, how painful, happy people in our economic life is how happy and developed, in a stable country's society, in a bright and warm society, we live a normal life, indulge in the future We have beautiful clothes and a good learning environment.

This is a carefree day. There is a little girl who can sell matches. She hopes to have a complete family.

I was moved by the bright hope hidden in my heart by the little girl. The little match girl let me understand many reasons and let me know how to cherish today's happy life.




The kite runner is the first novel written by the Afghan writer Khalid Hosseini. It focuses on the kite and two Afghan teenagers, a rich teenager and his servant about kites. Amir, the hero of betrayal and redemption of human nature, is a complex character.

The novel tells the story of Amir from the perspective of the first person, who was born into a wealthy family in a wealthy community in Kabul. His father, whose father is Pashtun, the son of the judge, is a successful carpet merchant Hassan, Ali's son, a servant of Amir family, born in hazarah. Amir and Hassan are playmates.

Hassan is a very loyal, honest and dedicated master. Amir, who often plays and plays together, is an excellent "kite fighter" who is good at cutting off his own kites Hassan is also an outstanding "kite chaser", because in Afghanistan, the kite that falls off when the thread is cut belongs to the owner. Kite Runner ranked second in the Amazon literature bestseller list at the end of March this year, surpassing the Da Vinci Code, becoming a best seller of Taiwan Chengpin bookstore.

Jinshitang Bookstore and Bozhu Bookstore won the year of French reading association He directed mark Foster's film of the same name and was nominated for the Fourth Academy Award for best performance.




Last week, I saw a movie that impressed me. The story is called kite runner. The story describes a boy from Afghanistan who lived a rich life and then became poor.

He flew to the United States to seek a new life. The protagonist has a good friend. He helped him a lot.

They lost contact. The hero owed his friend. He went back to Afghanistan to make up with his friends.

But he found that his friend died and left a little boy. The hero was determined to rescue the little boy from his bare hands. He did it.

He took the child to the United States and opened a new chapter in his life, It's about redemption. It's never too late to make up for mistakes, and I think it's so lucky to live in peace.



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