简单的英语日记50字_Simple diary 50 words 4篇

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简单的英语日记50字_Simple diary 50 words 4篇

关于”简单的日记50字“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Simple diary 50 words。以下是关于简单的日记50字的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Simple diary 50 words

This holiday is my busiest holiday, because I am learning English, computer and words, and I fell in the weekend exam many times, today I want to have a rest, but my mother said to me: come on, you must believe that you can do, so I have to work hard, my English is better than two months ago, I must thank my mother, she practiced me very well to finish Beauty how happy that I finished all the work very quickly yesterday, so I have a lot of time to do myself. Sometimes it's a good thing to finish the work earlier. We can have more interest to do the next work.

Because of this, I write an English diary at 8:00 in the morning, but I write it in the evening through one day everyone, if you can finish the work quickly instead of being lazy, do your best Yes, today I went to the museum. I met some robots. I think I can also have a robot for many years.

I think they can help me wash the dishes. They can also help me do housework. A good robot can make me happy.

When I'm not happy, they can give me more free time to relax. Today, I went to some parks by bus While waiting for the bus at the station, a little girl came. She vomited gum on the ground while waiting for the bus.

She stepped on the gum herself, and the gum stuck to one of her feet. After getting on the bus, she found that gum had been sticking to her feet. Today, I am going shopping with my mother.

We bought some apples, bananas and a big watermelon. I want to buy some new books because I like reading interesting books very much. I'm very happy when I get home.


这个假期是我最忙的假期,因为我正在学习英语,电脑和单词,而且我在周末考试中摔倒了很多次,今天我想休息一下,但是我妈妈对我说:加油,你一定要相信你能做到的,所以我现在要努力我的英语比2个月前好我一定要感谢我的妈妈,她对我很好的练习使我完美 怎么很高兴我昨天很快就完成了所有的工作,所以我有很多时间做我自己有时候早点完成工作是一件好事,我们可以有更多的兴趣去做下一个工作,因为这个,我早上八点写英语日记,但我在晚上写它在通过一天大家,如果你能很快完成工作,而不是懒惰,尽你所能今天我去了博物馆我遇到了一些机器人我想我也可以拥有一个机器人很多年了我想他们可以帮我洗碗他们也可以帮我做家务一个好的机器人可以让我开心当我不开心的时候,他们可以给我讲笑话让我有更多的空闲时间放松一下 今天我坐公共汽车去了一些公园人们在车站等车的时候,一个小女孩来了,她在等车的时候把口香糖吐在地上,她自己踩到了口香糖,口香糖粘在了她的一只脚上。上车后,她发现口香糖一直粘在她的脚上 今天,我要和妈妈去购物,我们买了一些苹果,香蕉和一个大西瓜。我要买一些新书,因为我很喜欢读有趣的书,回家后我很高兴。


Last Sunday, I went to Beidaihe by bus with my father, mother, grandparents and elder brother. In the morning, we went down the mountain to see the lush forest and wild flowers in full bloom. We climbed up the mountain along the mountain road and walked to the middle of the mountain.

I felt a little tired and began to rain. My West Lake silk umbrella wanted to read my father's saying not to do anything. In the end, I stuck to the top of the mountain.

The scenery on the top of the mountain was too beautiful We were flying kites. I was thirsty. My mother bought me a bottle of water.

Finally, we went home. I was very happy that I still had my umbrella.




This is my first time to attend the summer camp of Zhejiang University. We attended the opening ceremony. There are more than 400 students in this summer camp in Sumer.

I am very happy because I know that I can make more friends in this beautiful city. We spent nearly an hour listening to the teacher's talk, and then we started our first exam. It was not very hard.

I forgot to talk about our head teacher. He is a student, but he has been our teacher for 20 days. Although he is a good teacher, he is also very handsome.

I am glad to meet him. He is from Australia. In his class, it is a very beautiful country.

We are Not only can we learn a lot of English knowledge, but also can develop our spoken English. We talked about a lot of things. Today is my first day in this university.

I'm very glad that the class started today. After the long and boring opening ceremony, we saw our Chinese teacher. She asked each of us to ask her a question, but it must be specific, not too personal, in this process She said that she was old and had a 5-month-old daughter.

She must have been very hard to teach in this special period. She gave us an oral test and divided us into frogs. I was selected as the leader and took almost all the courses we spent the rest of the time doing tongue twisters.

According to the performance, an artist went to a beautiful place in the country and stayed with a farmer every day. From morning till night, the sun went down. He came back and had a good dinner.

When he was due to leave, he went to bed and he wanted to pay the farmer, but the farmer said, "no, I don't want money, but give me a picture of you in a week." All the money will be spent, but the photos will still be here. The artist is very happy and thanks the farmer for saying such good things to his paintings. My daily life is extremely monotonous, and I try to adapt myself to it.

Why? Because I want to be a good student. I want to serve my country. I get up at six every day.

After I wash my face and brush my teeth, I start to go back to my homework. I go home after school at seven o'clock. We usually do at seven o'clock.

Then I start to do my homework I want to finish it before I go to bed.




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