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翻译英语短文的软件_Software 3篇



I noticed that you are very angry recently. You told me that your mother said too much to you and you didn't like it at all. Sometimes I feel the same way as you.

Our parents are too worried about us. They want to know everything about us. But in fact, I think it's not their fault.

It's their love that makes them noisy. Maybe they just want to know what we think because they care too much about us. They don't want them to be estranged from us.

Maybe we should talk to them often and let them know Tao, we can be independent, so that we can get more freedom.




Everything is empty talk, and we can't grasp and understand it freely. Especially in class, we can learn a lot of words after we understand the meaning and usage of words. It is necessary to dictate words and recite articles after class.

Even if we know a lot, we can make full use of every period of time to learn English. The most important thing in learning English is to accumulate a little and make up a lot. Perseverance is the greatest advantage of learning.

Adverbial part can be used as many components, such as non finite verbs, adverbial phrases, adverbial clauses, etc. the position of adverbials is very flexible, which can be beside verbs, in the first half of sentences or at the end of sentences. Third, writing training is not enough.

Learning and summarizing this semester will be over soon If you want to learn new things, we have to study hard. If you don't insist and spend a lot of time to learn, you should also summarize each course by yourself. Second, it is difficult to distinguish the meaning of the differences between Chinese and English sentences.

Looking back in the past, these are words and phrases in English sentences. The above reasons make me think that CET-4 has not passed. We have many shortcomings: first At first, we don't know how to express the meaning of sentences.

We can't use them correctly. Some people even don't understand them. We review and preview the text carefully.




One morning, Luo Ming got up very late, and then she wanted to go to school by bike. Unfortunately, she found that her bike was broken, so she had to repair the bike. She quickly arrived at school.

She realized that it was Sunday. When she came back, no one was at school. She found an old friend to visit her home and talked for a long time and said goodbye until 5 p.m She received a phone call from her father that he was too busy to go home at the same time.

Her mother was on a business trip, so Luo Ming went to her grandparents' house for dinner. After dinner, she went home to watch TV until she went to bed.



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