介绍武汉的英语作文_Introduce Wuhan 3篇

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介绍武汉的英语作文_Introduce Wuhan 3篇

关于”介绍武汉“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Introduce Wuhan。以下是关于介绍武汉的高三英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce Wuhan

The last reason is that Wuhan has always been China's education center. Governor Zhang Zhidong founded the first modern college in Hubei, and later developed into a famous Wuhan University. Many young people from Hubei, Hunan and Henan, Anhui and other parts of China studied in this university.

After more universities were established there in the first few years of the century, Wuhan became a famous university after Beijing, Hunan and Henan As one of the education centers after Shanghai, the education situation in Nanjing, China is the same as many years ago. Universities bring many students from all corners of China to Wuhan, which helps the communication between Wuhan people and foreigners. In a word, Wuhan is the most tolerant city for foreigners.

Most of the Wuhan people are very generous, and if you like, they are easy to develop your career Wuhan is a good local center "center".




Wuhan Heping middle school our school, Wuhan Heping middle school, is located in the center of Wuhan. It has just been built and its scale is perfect. The campus is 200 meters long and 100 meters wide.

When you go through the front door, there are trees all around. There is a huge garden. I salute you.

On the left is the school library. There are more than one book in the library. On the right is the experimental building.

In the middle of the school yard stands the teaching building. This teaching building has four floors. There are teachers' offices at both ends of each floor.

On the top of the teaching building, you can see a flower bed behind the teaching building. On the right is a large playground. Students often do sports here after class.

On the left is a dining room that can hold people. This is our school, a beautiful school. Our school, Wuhan Heping middle school, is located in the center of Wuhan.

The campus is 200 meters long and 100 meters wide. It is surrounded by green trees. When you enter the campus, you will see a wide road on the left in front of you.

You will see the school library. On your right is the experimental building. Walking forward, you will see a beautiful garden in front of you, which is teaching Learning building: it has four floors.

There are teachers of Mies at the two ends of each floor behind. Left, right and right lying playground, students often play football on the playground. This is our school.

This is our school. It is a beautiful beautiful beautiful one ԡ????ԡԡ????????????????ԡԡԡԡԡ ԡԡԡԡԡԡ ԡԡ ԡ ourenglish teacher.



左边是一个可以容纳人的饭厅。这是我们学校,一个美丽的学校,我们学校,武汉和平中学,位于武汉市中心,校园长200米,宽100米,四周绿树环绕,走进校园,你会看到前方左边有一条宽阔的道路,你会看到学校图书馆,在你的右边是实验楼,往前走,你会看到前面有一个美丽的花园,那是教学楼:它有四层,后面每层的两端都有米斯老师,左、右、右卧操场上学生经常踢足球的操场这是我们学校,一个美丽的一个 13;我们的英语老师。


Wuhan is a beautiful city, located in the middle of China, is a good place for tourists. Wuhan is a pleasant city with beautiful lakes, many parks worth visiting and modern shopping centers. They are all waiting for you.

Hubei Province is known as the province of thousands of lakes. The East Lake of Wuhan is much bigger than the West Lake and is as beautiful as the West Lake. The best way to experience the East Lake is to take a boat tour, which must be unforgettable.

Walking along the Yangtze River on the bridge is perfect. You can see the three parts of Wuhan. It's really a feast.

Hankou is the heart of Wuhan business district. There are many modern skyscrapers in Hankou. It's a paradise for shoppers.

The famous commercial street is called Jianghan Road. Despite its size and modern appearance, you can enjoy the local special food and explore the lively night life. Wuhan still retains it Ancient traditions and culture.

Granny Huang tower has a long history. Many poets wrote many beautiful poems for it. Some temples, such as Guiyuan temple, represent ancient religions.

If you are interested in history, Hubei museum is a good choice. You can learn art, the history and culture of the city. There is no bad time to go to Wuhan.

Every season has its own characteristics. Wuhan is a friendly destination for tourists of all ages. There are many activities to choose from.

The trip to Wuhan will give you a glimpse of the happy life style of Wuhan people, who are famous for their broad-minded and friendly attitude. You will have a good time in Wuhan.






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