ppt的汇报人在英文里叫什么_What's the name of the reporter in PPT 2篇

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ppt的汇报人在英文里叫什么_What's the name of the reporter in PPT 2篇

关于”ppt的汇报人在里叫什么“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:What's the name of the reporter in PPT。以下是关于ppt的汇报人在里叫什么的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What's the name of the reporter in PPT

A very strict officer was talking to some new recruits he had never seen before, so he began to say, "my name is stone, I'm more difficult than stone, so do what I say, or there will be trouble. Don't play games with me. We'll get along well Then one by one he went up to each soldier and asked his name "talk." so that everyone could hear you, "he said," don't forget to call me 'sir' "and every soldier told him his name, and until he got to the last place, his man was still celint, so captain stone called out to him," when I ask you the answer to a question I'll ask you what's your name again, soldier.

"The soldier was very upset, but at the end he said," my name is rock shattering. "He said nervously.




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My name is XXX, I come from XXX Province, I study in XXX primary school, I have many hobbies, I like XXX, because I find my spare time very interesting, I often do sports, such as playing football and swimming, because it is good for health, can let me have the opportunity to make more friends.



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