创新的重要性英语作文_The importance of innovation 2篇

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创新的重要性英语作文_The importance of innovation 2篇

关于”创新的重要性“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:The importance of innovation。以下是关于创新的重要性的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The importance of innovation

Explanation: in this section, you can take a few minutes to write an essay entitled "the importance of innovation," commenting on Rosabeth Moss Kanter's famous saying that "unconscious habitual behavior is the enemy of innovation.". You should write at least a few words, but not more than words the importance of innovation unconscious habitual behavior is the enemy of innovation innovation I assume you are familiar with Rosabeth Moss Kanter's famous saying. Obviously, it is difficult for a person who always adheres to habits and experience to create new things Rosabeth Moss Kanter's sentence aims to tell us the meaning of innovation, why innovation plays an indispensable role in our life, innovation can To promote the progress of individuals and society as a whole, only those with innovative spirit can make continuous progress and maintain competitive advantage.

I can't think of a better example than the following: Steve Jobs, who changed the modern communication, entertainment and even our lifestyle, constantly launched so many powerful electronic products, but lacked the spirit of innovation Rosabeth Moss Kanter we should always bear in mind that the sense of innovation is very important to all of us. We need to develop a habit of discovering new things, and apply new methods and new ideas to our work, study or simple daily life. Innovation is the spirit of human progress.

Philosophers have said that).


说明:在这一部分,你可以用几分钟的时间写一篇题为“创新的重要性”的短文,评论Rosabeth Moss Kanter的名言“无意识的习惯性行为是创新的敌人”。你应该至少写几个字,但不能超过字 创新的重要性 无意识的习惯性行为是创新的敌人创新我假设你熟悉罗莎贝丝·莫斯·坎特的名言很明显,一个总是坚持习惯和经验的人很难创造新事物 罗莎贝丝·莫斯·坎特的这句话旨在告诉我们创新的意义为什么创新在我们的生活中起着不可或缺的作用创新可以促进个人和整个社会的进步只有那些有创新精神的人才能不断进步并保持竞争优势。可以举出一些例子来证明a的重要性,我想不出比下面这个更好的例证了:史蒂夫·乔布斯,一个改变了现代通讯、娱乐乃至我们的生活方式,不断推出这么多功能强大的电子产品,却缺乏创新精神 Rosabeth Moss Kanter 我们应该始终牢记,创新意识对我们所有人都是非常重要的,我们需要养成一种发现新事物的习惯,用新方法和新思想在我们的工作、学习或简单的日常生活中应用创新是人类进步的精神,哲学家曾说过)。


Note: in this section, you can write a short essay entitled "the importance of a name" in a few minutes. You should write at least a few words according to the outline given below. Recently, it is generally believed that the first thing to pay attention to is the importance of a name.

Many people think that a person's name has a profound impact on the success of a person or an organization. Some people even think that a person's mental health and physical health will be affected by his name, even determined by his name. Many people think that a person's name is meaningless, I don't think so A better example is given than Qiu.

In other words, Shan is the name of Confucius, the greatest thinker, philosopher and educator in history. Another example is Laozi, the founder of philosophy and religious Taoism. These examples effectively illustrate that a person's future depends only on his fighting spirit, talent or wisdom, rather than on some mysterious superstitious factors, such as some names Or lucky numbers.

For me, intelligence should make sense, persistence and diligence are not the name of a person. Given all the above arguments, it is time to put an end to this undesirable phenomenon.




Among all the important human skills, social skills are considered to be the most important skills in the information age. In all walks of life, communication with others plays an important role. No wonder many students are trying to improve their social skills.

Common sense tells us that those who are successful in love usually have excellent social skills. They are good at building a peaceful relationship with their partner. This is a natural result.

In love, so is family life. Good social skills are necessary to maintain good relationships between family members and bring happiness to family life. Secondly, statistics show that a person's career success largely depends on his or her social skills.

Professional skills are necessary, but without good social skills, a good team is hard to imagine, which will undoubtedly hinder the full development of professional skills Wave. If we want to live a happy life and succeed in our career, many talented people and people with high academic development level will eventually get nothing because of poor social skills. We must improve our social skills, such as communication skills at the emotional level, skills in developing and using interpersonal relationships, etc.




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