介绍苏炳添的英语作文_Introduction to Su Bingtian 3篇

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介绍苏炳添的英语作文_Introduction to Su Bingtian 3篇

关于”介绍苏炳添“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Introduction to Su Bingtian。以下是关于介绍苏炳添的初一英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to Su Bingtian

An armless pianist playing music with his toes won China got Liu Wei, China's top performer, was electrocuted to death and lost his arms in a "hide and seek" competition, beating seven-year-old comedian Zhang Fengxi in the final at Shanghai Stadium on Sunday. According to the Shanghai Daily, the Beijing pianist taught himself to play the piano at a young age and sang James S. Bronte's song you are beautiful, singing and playing the piano with his feet left a deep impression on the audience.

At the award ceremony, he also won the favor of the judges by commenting "at least I have perfect legs". At the invitation of Taiwan singer Yilin Tsai, he acted as a guest actor in her world tour show, which gave him the opportunity to perform in Las Vegas for three months He also won the "American version of Paul" and "Paul Potts, a British singer" and the winner of the "American Dance" series The British version of the show made Scottish singer Susan Boyle an international star. The Chinese version of the TV talent show debuted in May and steadily increased its popularity in.

The semi-final on September 1 was the most popular program in the country. According to ratings, director Jin Lei told the newspaper that the success of the show ensured that the play would continue to be broadcast next year; There are too many undeveloped grassroots talents in China, and we believe the drama will maintain its vitality and popularity in the country in three to five years, Jin said.


一位用脚趾演奏音乐的无臂钢琴家赢得了《中国达人秀》(China Got Talent)的首个系列赛冠军,中国版的热门艺人刘伟(音译)在一场《躲猫猫》(hideandseek)比赛中被电死,失去了双臂,周日在上海体育馆的决赛中击败了七岁的喜剧演员张凤喜,据《上海日报》报道,这位来自北京的钢琴家年纪轻轻就自学弹钢琴,他演唱了詹姆斯·布朗特的歌曲《你很美》,唱歌并用脚弹钢琴,给观众留下了深刻的印象;他在颁奖典礼上还通过评论“至少我有一双完美的腿”赢得了评委的青睐应台湾歌手蔡依林的邀请,在她的世界巡回演出中担任客串演员,这使他有机会在拉斯维加斯演出三个月 颁奖典礼还邀请了英国版和美国版的获奖者和入围者,包括英国歌手保罗·波茨(Paul Potts),他赢得了英国达人和舞蹈团体“多元化”的首个系列节目“你很漂亮”保罗·波茨大学(Paul Potts Diversity);该节目的英国版让苏格兰歌手苏珊·博伊尔一跃成为国际明星;中国版的电视选秀节目于5月首次亮相,并在年稳步上升受欢迎程度,9月1日的半决赛是全国最受欢迎的节目,根据收视率,该剧导演金磊对该报表示,该剧的成功确保了该剧明年继续播出;金磊说,中国有太多尚未开发的草根人才,我们相信该剧将在三到五年内保持其在全国的活力和受欢迎程度。


My favorite singer is silence. His Chinese name is Wang Sulong (), he is very popular, there are many good songs, like: love has been killed from the Three Kingdoms, the little star who broke up, he never saw him again, he released the new album, the whole song was a part of his new song "gravity", and it was his first micro film "my first love song in the city" Broadcast by bus TV.




Sotheby's and Christie's have dominated the international art auction industry for a long time, and they have a long history. The recent Hong Kong auction heralded the emergence of two new competitors from China (soethbysristys International International s, the third largest auction house). At the first international auction held in Hong Kong last weekend, the Beijing subsidiary of China National Defense Corporation said its two-day auction raised HK $m (the highest bid), including two hundred year old paintings of Tibetan women by Chinese painter Zhang Daqian, which attracted Hong Kong dollar m (Poly International auction) China Guardian.

Last month's auction house was the first auction house outside the mainland, at In Hong Kong, led by Wang Yannan, daughter of Zhao Ziyang, a former Chinese leader, in analtok, an art market research company, sales of damage reached $2, three times higher than previously estimated. Paulie and Gardner have a long history - most of the time during the Chinese art bull market, which is estimated to have recently pushed China to the top of the world's largest art market (the China Guardian). Zhao Xuli, director of Baoli, has been trying to sell art works in China for decades, but he still doubts whether it has the ability to compete with other countries in China Zhao explained that Chinese people have a better understanding of Chinese art, and Chinese houses are confident in their future.

Kevin, Sotheby's chief executive in Asia last year, had the best year in Asia Some people may need time to do what he calls Hong Kong practices, and some Chinese houses will be in line with international standards, Ching said. In his view, other auction standards do not have the same transparency.


国际艺术品拍卖界长期以来一直被苏富比和佳士得主宰,它们之间有着多年的历史。最近的香港拍卖会预示着两个新的竞争对手的出现——来自中国(SoethBysRistysInternational International S拍卖,第三大拍卖行)。上周末在香港举行了第一次国际拍卖会,中国国防公司的北京子公司称其两日的拍卖活动募集了港币$M(最高出价),包括中国画家张大倩的两张藏族妇女的百年画作,该作品吸引了港币M(保利国际拍卖)中国卫报,上个月的拍卖行在大陆以外的第一个拍卖行,在香港,由中国前领导人赵子阳的女儿王艳南领导,在阿纳尔托克,一个艺术品市场研究公司,损坏的销售额达到了2美元,比前估计高出了三倍。

保利和嘉德有着多年的历史——很多时候都是在中国艺术品牛市期间,据估计,这场牛市最近将中国推到了全球最大艺术品市场的首位(中国卫报)Artstractic。保利拍卖会拍卖了中国现代珠宝、艺术品、陶瓷和古董,此举旨在推动全球贸易中国艺术品回到保利认为属于自己的地方:在一家中国拍卖行,保利执行董事赵旭(音译)毫不怀疑它是否有能力与几十年来一直在出售中国艺术品的外国竞争对手竞争;华侨仍然更喜欢中国人经营的大型中国拍卖行,帮助他们出售自己的艺术品赵解释说,中国人对中国艺术有更好的了解,而中国的房子对他们的未来充满信心,去年在亚洲度过最好的一年的苏富比亚洲区的首席执行官Kevin Ching说,有些人可能需要时间来做一些他所说的香港的做法,而一些中国的房子会与国际接轨。在他看来,其他拍卖标准并没有同样的透明度。

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