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关于”朋友的小故事“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Friends' stories。以下是关于朋友的小故事的八年级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Friends' stories

Although her sister studying in another city said that she was willing to take care of her, she was determined to be completely independent in school. She always studied hard. Most importantly, she learned to stand on her own.

Once she wrote the following in her composition, I was very lucky. Although I lost my arm, I was still very lucky. Although my wings were very lucky, my broken heart could fly.




In ancient Greece, there was a castle where a group of dwarfs closed them because of a terrible curse. They were isolated in this place. They could not find anyone to help, no food, no water, seven dwarfs who were more and more desperate people did not think of dwarfs, this is a test of their gods, unity, wisdom, knowledge The test of cooperation God hopes that through this test, the dwarfs realize the following reasons: it does not mean that knowledge sharing, gaps and knowledge into action are the key to the results through the effective management of knowledge, they will eventually become prolific dwarfs.

Archimedes is the first patron god to receive Athena's dream. Athena told him that in this castle, except for them in the damp In the other rooms there are stones, among which the spirit stone red rose, which is the spirit stone collection. They form a round shape, and a terrible curse will be lifted.

They will be able to escape the bad luck and return to their home. The next day, Archimedes They couldn't wait to tell the dream to the other six partners. The other four people didn't want to believe that only Alice and Socrates were willing to work hard with him at the beginning.

Alice wanted to find some matches so that the heating could also make some room light. Socrates wanted to go to the food room and Archimedes wanted to hurry up the spirit stone, so that the three views could not be unified, so they decided to go from there However, the three did not give up. In order to make them realize that failure should be together, they decided to find out where the fire was, find the food, and finally find the spirit stone together.

This is a way to achieve this. The three people quickly left the second room to find out There was a lot of honey and water.


•在古希腊时期的塞浦路斯,有一座城堡,那里有一群矮人因为可怕的诅咒而关闭了他们,他们被孤立在这个地方他们找不到任何可以帮助的人,没有食物,没有水,越来越绝望的七个小矮人 人们没有想到小矮人,这是一个考验他们的神灵们,对团结、智慧、知识、合作的考验 神希望通过这次考验,小矮人认识到以下原因: 并不意味着知识 分享、涌隙和知识转化为行动才是结果的关键 通过对知识的有效管理,最终将成为多产的矮人,阿基米德是第一个收到雅典娜梦的守护神雅典娜告诉他,在这座城堡里,除了他们在潮湿的储藏室之间度过外,其他房间里还有一个房间里放着一些蜂蜜和水,足以维持他们一段时间而在其他房间里有石头,其中灵石红玫瑰,这是灵石收集,他们形成了一个圆形的形状,一个可怕的诅咒将被解除,他们将能够逃离厄运,回到自己的家 第二天,阿基米德迫不及待地把这个梦告诉了另外六个伙伴,其他四个人都不愿意相信只有爱丽丝和苏格拉底愿意一开始就和他一起努力工作,爱丽丝想找些火柴,这样暖气也能让一些房间里的光线苏格拉底想去食物室和阿基米德想快点灵石,让三种观点不能统一起来,于是决定自己去找,但几天下来,三个人都没有结果,但消费已经筋疲力尽,又闹出了另外四个人的调侃 然而,三个人没有放弃,为了让他们意识到失败应该在一起,他们决定先找出火在哪里,找到食物,最后一起找到灵石这个是一个实现的方法,三人很快离开第二个房间找到了大量的蜂蜜和水。


In what year did Thomas Jefferson and James Madison know each other? They began to work together to promote the American Revolution, and then worked out new government plans from their work. This created a friendship that was incomparable in terms of intimacy, cooperation, and enduring trust. In addition to his friend, his good friend and his old friend, Thomas Jefferson had a common goal in writing letters to his friends, friends and family, They also remind us that sometimes friendship has an impact on something more important than friendship itself, because is there a friendship that has more public influence than this one: "it has existed for half a century now, and our principles and the harmony we pursue have been the source of my happiness for a long time.

I believe that you are defending future generations, and we have been keeping them pure, which is a great comfort to me. We have helped them obtain the blessing of autonomy. If the earth had ever seen a single and firm vision governing the general interests and happiness of those who committed to it, such a system would never be condemned under the protection of truth, This is my life-long commitment to myself, you are the pillar of my life, take care of me after my death, please rest assured, I will leave my last feelings to you "A week later, Madison replied," you can't look back on our long-term personal friendship and political harmony with more moving memories than I do.

If they are a source of happiness, you, I can't deprive us of the sense of happiness of our pure dedication to the public interest. We use this to fulfill our trust in us, and I believe that after we leave, there will be enough evidence A generation finds a guarantee that when we're here, whatever kind of justice will be taken away. ".




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