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关于”帮助人“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Help people。以下是关于帮助人的高一英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Help people

I still remember clearly, when I had a wonderful dream in my heart, but with the growth of my age, I gradually found that the dream was on the rugged road, too many stumbling blocks became the reason for my half way, the dream became fragmented, I was a failure of a dreamer, when the sun rose, I stood quietly, looking at the first ray of sunshine in the morning sun, asked yourself many times: so far away Far for their own dream, you insist on it once again query, heart fluttering once red, alone, looking up at the sky, since ancient times, how many people adhere to their dreams, successful, how many people in the dream of the journey, did not stand up, how many people have no dream of wandering in the starting line, inferiority makes me dream of reflection: life is a long-lasting war, the winner There are many differences between them and the losers. More often than not, they are not the smartest opportunities for their minds. However, many successful people persist in the time of one year, sometimes a day, and sometimes, Hu Jian, who just came to life, finally dominates the world.

But in a dreamlike way, Beethoven, who is deaf and mute, kills the fate. Their success is because they do not go further than others, no matter how you do Go, I believe the teachers are inculcating: only beautiful life will come out, not until brilliant, as long as the action is effective, if we continue, there will be a miracle starting from the new starting line in my dream, breaking through the patch of glory.




It is necessary to keep a balanced diet if you want to keep healthy. You'd better eat enough vitamin rich vegetables, proper meat is necessary, and don't fry or roast food. Regular exercise is very important, such as running or playing badminton, keeping high emotions is conducive to mental health.

We should update our spirit and release our pressure, so that we can have a good attitude towards life to enjoy our beautiful life. We must keep healthy is necessary, life is sports, and also have a good meaning of mental health in different periods Early health is very different, mainly refers to not sick, not disabled. Therefore, early health concept as long as the body organs are healthy, with the progress of society and economic development, people's health needs towards a higher level of health have corresponding changes, they do not meet the requirements of no disability, and then, people find that life is not long enough, and if The quality of life is not high, and it is very painful, and can not enjoy the fun of life.

Therefore, people should not only pursue a good life, a wonderful life, and a higher quality of life, not only to prolong life expectancy, but also to have a great extension of healthy life, which means that life is not only better, but also as long as the understanding of health has changed, so he pursues physical, psychological and social The perfect combination of adaptation, that is to say, from the traditional biomedical model to the Biopsychological model, social medicine has given a deeper and richer content in the process of health. With the development of society, health is more and more important in our daily life. You are what you eat.

So the correct diet is the key to keep healthy. Most fruits and vegetables Food is healthy food, we should eat an apple every day, let the doctor away from sleep is another important factor to keep healthy. Without enough sleep, the body can not get good rest and good mental state.

Some exercise can help us get rid of unnecessary fat, and make us stronger. We are very happy in exercise, and happiness will bring us To health, I hope everyone can keep healthy and live a happy life.




Recently, the three children are concerned by the older children and children in their family. He even blamed the problem on the children using their kindness to cheat money. They also suspect that no one will help others in the future.

First of all, not every stranger is a liar. The one who takes advantage of others only takes a small number of just images of society. If one day you are in trouble, no one will Willing to help you, we should stand by when others fall or get hurt.

We should learn from these three children. It is not their fault to help the elderly. Their problem is that they are unfortunately cheated.

Helping others is a traditional virtue of China. We can't hesitate to help others because we have been taught to help others since we were young. If everyone is afraid of trouble and turns a blind eye to the people in need, the society will become indifferent.

In fact, the society will become indifferent Only doubt, to help others is to help yourself. There is an old Chinese saying that good is rewarded. Another meaning is to be a good person and help others constantly.

Rewards will come to good people first.



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