英语作文中的高级句型_Advanced sentence patterns in 4篇

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英语作文中的高级句型_Advanced sentence patterns in 4篇

关于”中的高级句型“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Advanced sentence patterns in。以下是关于中的高级句型的高考英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Advanced sentence patterns in

William Smith, head of accounting department of George Zhang, is on personal leave on March. William Smith, I wonder if I can apply for a temporary leave from March to yesterday. I have received letters from my parents.

They all told me that there was a big flood in my hometown, which caused serious losses to me. As the only son of my parents, I should go back to assess the situation and help them overcome these difficulties. Although I can't stay at home for long, I should at least arrange repair work.

I believe that my relatives and neighbors will also help me I'll call them. You can call me in the afternoon or you can call me anytime.




He suffered from "cold" (amyotrophic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, confined in a wheelchair) for more than ten years, but he was self mutilated and self mutilated. He overcame the disability and became a supernova of the international physical society. He couldn't write it out, and even could not speak clearly.

But he transcended the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, big bang theory and entered into the creation of "geometric dance", although his wheelchair was so helpless He believes that to navigate to the vast universe and solve the mystery of the charm of space-time Hawking not only lies in his being a legendary physical genius, but also because he is an admirable life. His constant pursuit of scientific spirit and brave personality has deeply attracted everyone to know him. He is known as "the great scientist" and "another Einstein" in "real life" ".




① This topic has become more and more popular recently. There are two views. Some people say that a is their favorite.

The reason why they hold their own views is that there are more a and 3. In addition, 4. Others think that B is a better choice.

First, there are three reasons. Second, the second (except for the third (from my point of view, the last seven) point of view. I think that the reason for (8) is (9) in fact, there are some Other reasons can explain my choice.

The former must be a wise choice. Some people think that, for example, they think that it will bring them. ③ in my opinion, I have never thought that this reason can be used as the focus of one thing.

④ for another, ⑤ From what I said, I agree with the idea that the old saying reminds us that, in fact, we can learn a lot from it. First, for example, second, another example is, in my opinion, in short, no matter what you do, please remember this sentence. If you can understand it and apply it to your study or work, you will certainly learn from it A lot of people like a now because it plays an important role in our daily life.

Its advantages can be seen first of all. (1) in addition to the two sides of every coin, the negative aspects are also obvious. An important disadvantage is that (1) it makes things worse.

Through the above analysis, I think the positive aspects outweigh the negative aspects. Therefore, I would like to see these positive and negative influences of A. We should treat them reasonably and act according to the situation we are in.

Recently, what surprised us most is that there are many reasons to explain this main reason, and the third reason is a comprehensive conclusion If, another conclusion, proberb said, you are only young once, it goes without saying that we can't be young forever, which is well known, and no one can deny that according to a recent survey, about% of college students want to continue to study after graduation, travel by bike, young people, work five days a week, better than six days: no doubt, as far as I'm concerned, I think Because some people say that two people are better than one. It's very important for someone, because B is very important compared with A. in my opinion, it's time for us to do this all the time.

Can we solve this problem correctly, not only that, but also be honest on the other hand.


①这个话题最近越来越流行,有两种观点,有人说A是他们最喜欢的,他们持有自己的观点的原因是②A更多,③此外,④而另一些人认为B是一个更好的选择,首先有以下三个原因B第二(除了⑥第三(从我的观点来看最后⑦)观点,我认为⑧原因是⑨事实上,有一些其他的原因可以解释我的选择,前者肯定是一个明智的选择,有些人认为①例如,他们认为②,这会给他们带来③在我看来,我从来没有认为这个理由可以作为一件事的重点,④对另一件事,⑤ 从我所说的来看,我同意这样一个想法:那句古老的谚语提醒我们,事实上,我们可以从中学到很多东西,首先,举例来说,其次,另一个例子是,在我看来,简言之,无论你做什么,请记住这句话,如果你能理解它并将它应用到你的学习或工作中,你一定会从中受益匪浅现在很多人都喜欢a,因为它在我们的日常生活中有着重要的作用,它的优点首先可以看出来(一、除了每一枚硬币都有两面性外,消极方面也是显而易见的,一个重要的缺点是(一)使事情变得更糟。通过以上分析,我认为积极的方面超过了消极的方面,因此,我愿意A的这些积极的和消极的影响,我们应该合理地对待它,并根据我们所处的情况来做,只有这样,)最近,最让我们吃惊的是,确实有很多原因可以解释这个主要原因,第三个原因更是一个综合的结果,另一个结论是,proberb说,你只有年轻一次,不言而喻,我们不可能永远年轻,这是众所周知的,没有人可以否认,根据最近的一项调查,大约%的大学生想在毕业后继续学习,骑自行车旅行,年轻人,每周工作五天,比工作六天好%:毫无疑问,就我而言,我认为有人说两个人比一个人好。这对某人来说很重要,因为与A相比,B是很重要的在我看来,现在是我们一直这样做的时候了,我们能不能正确地解决这个问题,不仅如此,而且在另一方面也要诚实地说实话。

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