英语演讲稿两分钟简单好背的_The speech is easy to recite in two minutes 5篇

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英语演讲稿两分钟简单好背的_The speech is easy to recite in two minutes 5篇

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高分英语作文1:The speech is easy to recite in two minutes

I'll tell you about my own experience that happened last Thursday. Last Thursday, our school was dealing with some things about wojinfu school. I want to try it.

Although I know the salary is very low, I have little chance because the students with certificate are always considered as the priority to get the job. Fortunately, I got a phone call at noon and a teacher said to me that she wanted to let me know I worked for her and asked if I could change my mind. At that moment, I was very excited.

I immediately accepted her idea, but later, she found out that I was not a student, so I had little chance to suggest that I buy one. At this time, it suddenly occurred to me that I could call my father and ask him to send me the letter. At the same time, someone told me that I was accepted and didn't need a certificate.

At that time, I forgot to remind my father. Until the next day, he called me and said that he had posted it and arrived within one day. At that moment, I was very moved and even cried, because I knew that my father was injured not long ago and helped me deal with it The process of things is not convenient for him, but he tries his best to help me.

Sometimes we will complain about the dissatisfaction around us and put the responsibility on our parents. Sometimes they will be angry with us. Sometimes we don't understand what they are thinking.

But in a word, almost every parent is selfless to their children. When we are in trouble, they are willing to contribute to us Cut. We used to share our sorrow with them, but don't forget to share our happiness with them.

Maybe from now on, they will be much happier than us. Let's care more about our parents and don't leave pity on them. That's what I did.

Today I want to tell you thank you.




Patience is a virtue, because it can make us better. The word is defined as tolerating procrastination, which means self-control and tolerance, rather than what we want when we want it. How many times do we suddenly find it better to tolerate procrastination or self-control? What did we miss? What do we hurt? The patient we love will heal the wound because of lack of patience.

Patience is not only a virtue, but also a necessary condition for a happy life.




Little Robert asked his mother two cents, "how did you use the money I gave you yesterday?" "I gave it to a poor old woman." he replied, "you are a good child," the mother said with pride, "these are two and a half, but why are you so interested in the old woman?" "she's a candy seller.".



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