我的英雄英语作文_My hero 5篇

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我的英雄英语作文_My hero 5篇

关于”我的英雄“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:My hero。以下是关于我的英雄的初二英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My hero

My father was my hero. When I was young, he would kiss me every night and sing to me when I woke up. He made me feel special.

I knew my father loved me. It made me feel strong enough to do almost everything he was sick. But the strength made him survive.

He loved his children very much. He gave up his life to take care of that woman He still stood by her side, took care of her and loved her until she died 20 days later. I lost my hero, my father, who was my friend a few years ago.

His life has changed a lot, but his love for my father is not It will change and never end.




In the 20th century, a unique personal life style shocked the world in a brave way. She was Helen Keller. She was my hero.

At first, Helen Keller was happy. She had the love of her family and her love for the sun. However, in the high fever, in the next morning, God gently, quietly and firmly took away her happiness.

The cruel Helen had only a few months' light harmony She is so small that she needs love and care. It seems that her world has not been completely opened up and once closed quietly. Helen has reason to let many confidently become the burden of her parents and to enjoy the treatment of the whole society as a disabled person.

She could have done nothing, nothing and nothing, but could still rely on anyone to rely on one Because God has taken away her happiness, she has reason to repay the injustice of fate with the care she enjoys. However, taking away the happiness does not mean taking away the hope. She holds the hope that Helen brings another kind of happiness to Helen in the nine months when she is six and ten years old.

She brings her a name called Angel Sally Wen, the female teacher of the Helen family The teacher comes from Sally. It seems that it is the moment when the teacher enters Helen's life. Helen is destined to be remembered.

Every week, Sally and the teachers are constantly in Helen's hands to let Helen spell. When Helen has mastered it, she lets Helen touch your lips and expression, or does she make Helen feel that she should speak and finally produce a slight vibration. Annie Sullivan succeeded Helen Keller went to Harvard University under her education.

Later she became a writer and toured the United States with teachers. She passed her unyielding, tenacity, persistence and love to more heroes. She was not necessarily a hero who had gone through swords and blood.

She did not necessarily choose to die. Just like her, she created no peace with her extraordinary life She is my hero, Helen Keller.




My father is my hero. In my life, he is the father of eight children. He saw his struggle.

When I was very young, he looked very tall. In my eyes, he could do anything, and we all know that he was the person in charge. He was a man with strong body and mind, but there was a kind of tenderness in him.

He tried to become cheerful and kind-hearted Many of the days, when I wake up, people will give me a kiss, sing to me, I certainly miss those days; he makes me feel special, he can sing "Miss America"; I know that I have the love of my father, which gives me the courage to do almost anything; from him, I learned to stand upright and be proud of me. Strength and determination are the qualities of this good man. With the passage of his life, this power enabled him to survive, coupled with the firm determination to help my sick mother get the care she needed for her survival; he loved her and his children, so he gave up years of his life to take care of this woman, his soul mate, his wife, he fought against her disease day and night for many years, and a lesser man would be killed He was still standing by her side, taking care of her and loving her until the day she died.

Twenty days later, his own era was over. I lost my hero, my father, who had been my friend. Life has changed after a few years, but as father's Day approaches, I will celebrate his name Pray to him and God that he will stay with me, look at me, guide me, and look down upon me with pride, because I am my father's daughter, and one day we will meet again, but until then, I will remember, and love will never end.



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