创新的重要性英语作文_The importance of innovation 3篇

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创新的重要性英语作文_The importance of innovation 3篇

关于”创新的重要性“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:The importance of innovation。以下是关于创新的重要性的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The importance of innovation

In the past, no matter who didn't abide by the rules, people tended to wait for nothing. But now, with the rapid development of society, more and more people realize the importance of creation to national development. Our society and even ourselves need to create first.

Creation is the most important factor to improve our country's ability. Some people think that the essence of human civilization is the result of creation If the international community stands firm, it is necessary to cultivate creative talents so that they can make great breakthroughs for our mother. If our people lack creativity, we will not be able to realize our dream of becoming a great country in the world.

In addition, if all the people in the society are innovative, it is easy to send talents to our country to win a better future. With creative people, society can bring us a lot of benefits. Creation is also very important to improve people's confidence.

When people make some small breakthroughs, they will be praised by others, which will make people feel better They think they're smart, and they're confident in everyone, because we all know how important creativity is to us, that we have to learn as much as we can to be creative people, and we have to learn to serve our country.




Communication is the activity of transmitting information through the exchange of ideas, information or information. There are many ways of communication, such as language, vision, signal, text or body language, which play an important role in human social life. Some people think that this is the basis of human survival.

On the one hand, it is the basis of human survival. It disseminates information so that we know that although news is far away from us, through communication with others, people send and obtain information to help us understand our surroundings We all know that information is extremely important in our life. On the other hand, communication establishes interpersonal relationship.

It connects different people. We live in the same society, which makes interpersonal relationship indispensable in our life. Only through communication can we establish and maintain good interpersonal relationship with others.

In addition, communication can eliminate misunderstanding and promote emotion. When we have misunderstandings with others, timely communication is the most important. The only effective way to solve this problem is that communication is essential to all people and everyone should realize it.

Therefore, we should learn how to communicate effectively with others.





Note: in this section, you can write a short essay entitled "the importance of a name" in a few minutes. You should write at least a few words according to the outline given below. Recently, it is generally believed that the first thing to pay attention to is the importance of a name.

Many people think that a person's name has a profound impact on the success of a person or an organization. Some people even think that a person's mental health and physical health will be affected by his name, even determined by his name. Many people think that a person's name is meaningless, I don't think so A better example is given than Qiu.

In other words, Shan is the name of Confucius, the greatest thinker, philosopher and educator in history. Another example is Laozi, the founder of philosophy and religious Taoism. These examples effectively illustrate that a person's future depends only on his fighting spirit, talent or wisdom, rather than on some mysterious superstitious factors, such as some names Or lucky numbers.

For me, intelligence should make sense, persistence and diligence are not the name of a person. Given all the above arguments, it is time to put an end to this undesirable phenomenon.



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