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关于”烹饪的过程“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Cooking process。以下是关于烹饪的过程的初二英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Cooking process

First of all: cut pork into a large area of about cm of tubular meat, such as using a knife to cut thick stick, match the size of pork, gram of salt, cooking wine and a small amount of water in the bowl, and then add the amount of powder to grasp evenly. Second: hook sugar, soy sauce, salt, vinegar into the bowl, and then add a small amount of water and powder into the third dish: buy the oil pan on the fire, and put it into the size that is burned seriously Add shredded meat into the flavoring pot, fry it with a spatula, spread out the white meat strips, and finally add the pepper and ginger fried rice, that is, input the garlic flavor, and then pour it into the plate with green onion and spoon. Squeeze the juice lightly when filling the oil, and drop a few drops of vinegar.




I have to admit that delicious food can not only satisfy my stomach, but also make me like to cook. When I eat some delicious food, I will consider how to make food myself. I am very interested in cooking.

I don't know whether my cooking method is correct or not, because in my cooking process, sometimes I will use my own ideas to make some food. I used to make some food I have made delicious food and I have experienced failures, but I never regret my love of cooking. Cooking has enriched my daily life from cooking.

I can also learn some knowledge about health. I often look for new ways to make food on cooking websites. When I visit these websites, I will find that there are a lot of little health knowledge in our daily life, such as fruits and vegetables, which are good for our health.

Therefore, we should have a balanced diet in our daily life cooking. Various kinds of food let me have a deeper understanding of life. Daily life is full of all kinds of trivia, and we must have enough patience to face them Take cooking as an example.

If you cook food in a good mood, you will find that life is so beautiful. Therefore, when I encounter some terrible things, I will do some food like this. After cooking, I will forget the unpleasant experience for a while.

I will rediscover the beauty of life. Cooking makes me more confident to live in cooking, and I can learn that I love cooking Special attitude towards life.




Cooking refers to the art of food processing, making food more delicious, better appearance, better smell, color, taste and shape, which not only makes people feel satisfied in food, but also makes food easier to absorb nutrition. Cooking is the material wealth and spiritual wealth created and accumulated by the combination of cooking and human diet practice. It includes cooking technology, cooking production activities and cooking production Various kinds of food, food consumption activities and their products derived from a lot of Chinese food culture spirit, with unique national characteristics and strong oriental flavor, mainly to enjoy the taste as the core, diet health to the purpose of harmony and unity.



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