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关于”写香港“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Write Hong Kong。以下是关于写香港的高二英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write Hong Kong

Sunny August 3, today is the second day of our trip to Hong Kong, I am very happy yesterday, but I feel tired a lot, I don't want to stay in the hotel, so I planted to go shopping with my parents in Times Square, there are many kinds of goods in Times Square, but you can choose the one you like best. There are also many design label stores, such as dnkymaxmaramax & coboss, etc Finally, there was a famous Bookstore called PAGEONE. I bought a beautiful skirt and some books.

Then I was exhausted, but I didn't care at all.




Hong Kong is located in the east of the Pearl River Delta, bordering on Guangdong, facing the South China Sea to the East, West and south. It began as a trading port in this century. Hong Kong has developed into a financial center.

Hong Kong is the crown colony of Britain until sovereignty is transferred to the people's Republic of China. Under the principle of "one country, two systems", the Central People's government is responsible for territorial defense and foreign affairs. Hong Kong maintains its own legal system, police force, monetary system, customs policy, immigration policy and representatives of international organizations and events..




Hong Kong Disneyland is a resort area located in Hong Kong Disneyland theme park. It is Disney's fifth Disneyland Hong Kong Metro Passenger Dedicated Line. There is a dedicated railway between Xin'ao railway station and Shenzhen station, and the second round the world railway line from Disneyland.

The theme song "let magic fly" is the official communication between Hong Kong Disneyland spokesman Zhang Xueyou Singh park Hong Kong Disneyland has some unique scenic spots, two Disney theme hotels, as well as exciting shopping, catering and entertainment facilities. Featured attractions include dreamland street, America, Adventure Park, fantasy land and tomorrow's Park. Disney cartoon character Mickey can also be found in the park Hong Kong Disneyland covers an area of hectare, including mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Mulan, Cinderella and sleeping beauty.

It is the smallest Disneyland in the world. However, the next theme park has multiple expansion projects. Currently, the first phase of expansion projects currently under construction generally includes four theme areas (California, Florida and Tokyo.

All Paris are similar to other Disney theme parks, including American street, Adventure Park, fantasy Park and tomorrow world. Hong Kong Disneyland is the fifth largest in the world Sney park construction mode, Disney th theme park world, the first California Disneyland (including Sleeping Beauty Castle) theme park imitates visitors to visit Hong Kong Disneyland, which will temporarily stay away from the real world and enter a colorful fairyland. In addition to the famous Disney classic stories and entertainment facilities, Hong Kong Disneyland is also a cultural feature of Hong Kong.

Some Hong Kong concepts include amusement facilities, entertainment programs and parades.


香港迪斯尼乐园是位于香港迪斯尼乐园主题公园的度假区,它是迪士尼的第五座迪斯尼乐园香港地铁客运专线,在欣澳火车站和深圳站之间设有专用铁路,第二条环游世界和从迪士尼的铁路线香港主题曲“让魔术飞”香港迪斯尼乐园发言人张学友辛格公园的官方交流语言是英语和中文(普通话和粤语香港迪斯尼乐园有一些独特的景点,两个迪士尼主题酒店,以及令人兴奋的购物,餐饮娱乐设施特色景点包括梦幻美景大街美国、冒险乐园、Fantasyland和明日乐园,在公园里还可以找到迪士尼卡通人物Mickey Mouse、小熊维尼、Mulan、灰姑娘、睡美人等香港迪斯尼乐园面积公顷,是世界上最小的迪斯尼乐园。不过,下一个主题公园还有多期扩建项目,目前在建的第一期扩建项目一般包括四个主题区域(加利福尼亚州、美国佛罗里达州和东京,所有巴黎都类似于其他迪士尼主题公园,包括:美国大街、冒险乐园、和,幻想乐园和明日世界香港迪斯尼乐园是世界第五大迪斯尼乐园建设模式,迪士尼第TH主题公园世界,首款加利福尼亚迪士尼(包括睡美人城堡)主题公园仿照游人参观香港迪斯尼乐园,将暂时远离现实世界,进入五彩缤纷的仙境。童话王国,感受未来神秘世界的奇幻世界和惊险刺激的世界,除了著名的迪士尼经典故事和娱乐设施外,香港迪斯尼乐园也是香港的文化特色,一些香港的理念为游乐设施设置,娱乐节目和游行。

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