关于travel的英语作文_travel 2篇

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关于travel的英语作文_travel 2篇



In addition to the habit of changing address, Americans are also used to traveling. Some people commute to work long distances every day. Their work may even require them to travel frequently.

Most companies provide employees with annual leave. People often use this time to travel. Some people just visit friends or relatives in other countries.

Others go on low-cost weekend hikes and live in budget cars Those with more expensive tastes in hotels choose luxury resorts and hotels to camp outdoors, attracting the type of adventure. Some people travel in recreational vehicles and camp in comfortable tents, while others get through in tents. Most Americans prefer to travel in their own country.

Why is it cheaper than traveling abroad and there is no language problem In addition, the vast territory of the United States provides many tourist attractions. Nature lovers can enjoy beaches, mountains, canyons, lakes and rich natural wonders. Major cities provide tourists with a lot of urban fun and the convenience of modern highways.

Railways and airplanes make it easy to travel in the United States. Many American holidays are unique because their families often take care of them Their trips offer special plans for children in consideration of the growing number of family friendly resorts. History lovers look for famous historical sites and museums.

Environmentalists like green holidays. These trips enable them to observe plants and animals closely without disturbing the sensitive balance of nature. Some find sea cruises relaxing and refreshing, others go fishing Fish, skiing or whitewater rafting brave people get a lifetime of stimulation from hiking and hunting trips in remote places from Africa to Asia.

Americans are not the only ones in the world who travel international business, mass communications and jet planes. They have created a world in which people all over the world like to travel abroad. No matter where they live, people like to visit themselves The country's scenic spots, but in the United States, busyness makes Americans a mobile person, almost everyone is sometimes a tourist.




A series of beautiful sceneries make people happy. Staying in the same environment for a long time makes everything the same. Daily work is often boring, but if you travel to some scenic spots or historical sites or long-distance travel during the holiday, there will be a big difference.

Travel can expand one's knowledge. If one day you travel around the world, you will have different opinions about different things The more you know about politics, economy, customs and geography, you will have a complete understanding of the earth we live in. However, too much travel can lead to fatigue, you take a bus or taxi, take a train or a plane, patiently go from an hour to an hour to another place, which will make you exhausted after a period of time.




One summer two years ago, accompanied by my father, I went to Xinjiang to visit our aunts and cousins who came to Shanxi for a year. This visit can be called a return visit. Just like President Clinton's round trip to President Jiang Zemin, they gathered together to discuss important events and issues, while we enjoyed the summer vacation together.

We, my cousins, Xiao Ping and Xiao Fang, The first time we went to Tianhu, a lake on the top of the mountain. It took less than two hours to get there from Urumqi. The most peculiar thing was that the water was clean and cool.

The surrounding mountains were covered with snow. The sun seemed to be weak. We took many pictures with blue water.

The third morning, we went to Turpan, a basin surrounded by hills. This area is characterized by hot and high-quality grapes in summer The temperature in the daytime is usually above centigrade. Maybe it is this kind of heat that makes Turpan's grapes of high quality.

Grapes are everywhere. Some of the grape stems rooted in the ditch are as thick as barrels. There are underground Jiaohe, Gaocang, dried up ancient corpses, and underground irrigation canal network.

The vastness and strangeness of the city have surprised me since I met my aunts and cousins last time It has been two years. I have been looking forward to going to Xinjiang this summer. Unfortunately, there seems to be some work to be done this summer.

I sincerely hope I can see them, but I think it will be a long time.



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