关于心情的英语作文_mood 4篇

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关于心情的英语作文_mood 4篇



How to keep healthy nowadays, more and more people are more concerned about their health than their income, and the methods they take vary from person to person. In my opinion, there are basic principles to keep healthy: reasonable diet, regular work and rest, proper exercise and good mood. I believe that no one will fail.

Pay attention to reasonable diet, regular work and rest and proper exercise. Only by keeping regular life can we keep in good condition all day long, keep away from diseases and exercise for the normal operation of the body It has an additional effect. On the other hand, keeping a good mood is also essential for us to keep healthy.

We don't understand why their life is regular, but they still feel bad. This is because their mental pressure is too big to ease. Especially when they are busy, some people even don't realize the impact of pressure on them.

Therefore, in addition to regular life and exercise, they can't get rid of it After exercise, we should keep a good mood and try our best to relieve the negative emotions. Although it is difficult to do some unpleasant things, we should try our best to do them or shorten the time in negative emotions. In short, no matter what methods we take to keep fit, we should not deviate from these basic principles.

Only in this way can we achieve better results.




Modern people are faced with great pressure from work, family, love and study every day. The pace of society is getting faster and faster, and the world is full of challenges. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a good mood for one's future.

In this busy world, if they can't adjust their emotions to face the challenges in front of them, they will face the challenges because of work, family and Love and suffer a lot of trouble, they can't get rid of the shadow, which will bring them many side effects, such as loss of appetite, exhaustion, insomnia, low morale, etc., which is harmful to their health. Eventually, they will be abandoned by society, or eventually commit suicide. So if you want to live longer and healthier, you'd better keep a good mood, but not the least, Keeping a good mood can help you to keep good relationship with the people around you.

It will make them feel comfortable. Keeping a good mood helps social interaction, because everyone likes a smiling face. In turn, you will get the return of friendship.

It is better for people to keep a good mood and remember that a good mood is very important to your life.




A good mood is the wealth of our precious life. It makes you not give up the hope of life in despair. It makes you still suffer setbacks and fight against fate.

Good mood is a kind of strength. There are several ways to support us to go up. You can take pictures every day, such as the trees outside the window, the flowers on the roadside, and the weddings of children and friends in the neighborhood.

When you finish the photos irregularly, you will feel that all the details are good memories. Eat a big meal. Sometimes, it's amazing that you not only enjoy delicious food, but also make you feel yourself By special treatment, such as mountain climbing, picnics, parties, location, more activities, you will feel happy, to keep a good mood has a positive effect on the psychological, physical good mood can also let people not panic, it is very important for us, from now on, we should maintain a good mood, let it make us more confident, lively and happy.



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