关于互联网的英语作文_internet 4篇

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关于互联网的英语作文_internet 4篇



With the passage of time, the Internet has become very common in our daily life, we can use computers or mobile phones to access the Internet anywhere. However, the debate about the advantages and disadvantages of the network has never stopped. Some people say that the network is a platform for information sharing, and we have a convenient channel for spreading and obtaining information.

However, some people think that some people commit crimes through the Internet, so we should stay away from the Internet. From my point of view, I prefer to agree with the former. There are some reasons for my view.

First of all, in the field of information, we can exchange information frequently and conveniently. Information is rich. In many cases, whether we can succeed depends on how much information we get.

In addition, in addition to its serious functions, the Internet is a good tool for entertainment. We only have TV or game machines for entertainment. But now we have a functional network platform.

We can watch TV and movies, play online games, and chat freely with friends. This is a good way to relax. It is undeniable that the Internet has its own disadvantages Its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages, that is, we can make good use of the good ones and avoid the bad ones.





To some extent, online education is no longer a new thing in our life. It has become a part of our daily life. We can do a lot of things on the Internet, such as searching for information recently and communicating with friends from afar.

Network education has become a fashion. The popularity of online education is first of all because of its outstanding advantages. It breaks the barrier between time and space, People can easily study at home through the Internet at any time through the computer; secondly, people can no longer read those boring textbooks, but can enjoy colorful images, good sounds and charming videos, which will arouse his great interest in learning.

However, the disadvantages of online education are obvious. Sometimes, due to the poor network connection, there is a lack of between students and teachers Enough interaction ‰ as the saying goes, every coin has two sides. Online education does not develop well, but also has limitations.

I still believe that with the further development of the Internet, the future of online education will be better. Another network activity has become popular recently, that is online education. Why can online education be accepted by the public in such a short period of time One important reason is the rapid development of the Internet.

Another deep-seated reason is the rapid development of today's society and science and technology. Modern science and technology are developing at a lightning speed. In order to catch up with this development, we all feel an urgent and strong desire to learn.

In society, many people are too busy to learn in school. Online education just helps them. As far as I am concerned, I appreciate this new form of education.

It is indeed a beneficial supplement to the traditional means of education. It provides different learners with more flexible and diverse learning methods. Through online education, we can learn and absorb the latest knowledge while looking for a job.




In the past, people always read the news in newspapers, but now there are many people searching for information on the Internet. I have a good impression that the information on the Internet is very convenient and extensive. People only need to open the computer to search for information on the Internet.

The range of information on the Internet is very wide. It contains information in all fields. It knows everything.

In addition, it almost knows everything All the Internet information is free. People don't have to pay for it. Unlike newspapers, Internet information has many advantages.



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