有关成功的英语演讲稿_Speech on success 3篇

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有关成功的英语演讲稿_Speech on success 3篇

关于”有关成功的演讲稿“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Speech on success。以下是关于有关成功的演讲稿的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Speech on success

How do I learn to speak English? I think, to speak English fluently, the most important thing is to lay a good foundation, that is to read English words correctly and have a good intonation. I spend a lot of time reading my text, which helps me to pronounce clearly and intone correctly. The second thing is memory.

Many sentence patterns I think the third important thing is to practice speaking English like any skill. You can only achieve excellence through practice. The last one is to develop the habit of thinking in English.

If you think in Chinese and translate them into English before you speak, you will never be able to do so. I want to make it clear that my spoken English still needs to be improved. In order to improve my English level, I must constantly study and practice.

Thanks to you for growing up in English when I was about six years old. I tasted English for the first time. At first, I felt very strange.

I was not very interested in this strange language. Moreover, English TV programs always occupied the time of my cartoon programs. I began to hate the passing of English time.

In the last examination of my primary school life, everything changed. My English English is very good, I got full marks, I found that as long as I try my best, I can do well in English. This examination seems to be a turning point on my way to learn English, which really gives me great inspiration.

Although there are still many challenges waiting for me to do, these setbacks will not hurt my confidence and will urge me to study harder. Nothing is impossible. I believe that in the future, I can fly as high as I hope.






We have to be confident of finishing fourth. The England international believes that as long as they continue to have faith in themselves, the toffee team will be able to beat the Red Army for fourth place in Saturday's game against Middlesbrough. Everton equalised after beating Manchester City.

Lescott was in a good mood. "We need to believe we can break in," he explained“ At the beginning of the season, we thought it might be a little difficult, but now we are there, in the competition after Christmas, you have to believe that you can strive for the fourth place. "It's a great achievement for the blues and the white shirts to get ahead of Liverpool, but Lescott wants his team to move forward step by step." we can't look too far, we have to forget ourselves, I We know that we need to win next week and then continue against Chelsea, which will be huge for us, "he continued." if we can overtake Liverpool, it will be a great achievement for us, but we will only focus on the next game.

If we get the right result, who knows "last season we made some great achievements "Big results, but this season the team is also very depressed, we have achieved results at the same time played some beautiful football.".




If I don't win or lose, maybe the sky is still blue, but I can see the black sky, maybe the flowers are still beautiful, but I can see the ugly flowers, maybe the sun is still shining, but my world is not the sun, maybe the world has not changed, but my world is changing, the exam is over, but I can't wake up, because I think I did a bad test, but I know Even if you don't do well this time, you can do well next time. Time can't go back. You can do what you can in the future.

I think there is no victory or defeat in the world tomorrow. The sun rises again. We will have a new day.



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