英语我的梦想作文50字_My dream 50 words 4篇

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英语我的梦想作文50字_My dream 50 words 4篇

关于”我的梦想50字“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:My dream 50 words。以下是关于我的梦想50字的五年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My dream 50 words

My dream is to be a musician. When I was a child, I was naive and never thought about my ideal now. When my classmates asked me, "what is your ideal", I would answer confidently, "my dream is to be a singer".

I often see those singers singing passionately on the stage with their beautiful songs accompanied by wonderful music Love like a child, skip the notes are accompanied by my side, engraved in my mind, I am deeply intoxicated in music, forget the world, forget myself, I always have music with it, become my inseparable friend failure, when setbacks, I never fear it, because the ideal musician always reminds me: now I am so far away from the ideal, the road ahead is still Very bumpy, full of firm belief to overcome everything, when I am tired, as long as one day music rely on, I forget what is tired early.




On Friday, a gas leak broke out in Shenyang. Firefighters put out a fire caused by a serious gas leak. No casualties have been reported, but the fire cut off power to many residents in the area.

The local government said the accident occurred on Nanwu Road, one of the most famous schools in Northeast China's Liaoning provincial capital An underground gas pipeline burst and caught fire during road construction near a major traffic artery. A propaganda official of the municipal government said the construction company would be responsible for the accident because it had started digging before the underground pipeline was located. Before the fire was put out, the flame had flown more than meters and the high-voltage power lines had been destroyed.

But the accident caused blackouts in the area and the closure of restaurants, shops and banks. "The power supply is expected to recover in six to seven hours," Tang said, adding that the accident also affected the gas supply to nearby residents and caused traffic congestion in the city center.




I myself in this wonderful world, there is a boy, I am, I am a beautiful tall boy, as a student of Dongpu school, I am very friendly and help us for the IT teachers here. They often tell us that life is a challenge, to meet it, to learn is a sacred one. I always remember the words in my mind in our life, learning is Very important English is my favorite.

As we all know, English is very important and useful in modern society. It has been widely used in many fields. On the other hand, I have a dream, that is, I want to be a translator in the future, so I will try my best to learn it well.

I believe that as long as I have the will, there is a way in my spare time that I like to read Reading makes me happy. Reading enriches my soul. Reading also makes me better understand the world.

I think books are the source of knowledge, knowledge is the source of success, and music is my favorite. In my spare time, I often listen to all kinds of music to relax my peers. I have a lot of them, such as Deng Ziqi, Jay Chou and so on.

I love nature. My favorite colors are blue and green Color blue reminds me of blue sky, sea green reminds me of forest and grassland. I am an ordinary but confident boy.

I am a boy who likes learning and enjoying life. I am a boy who likes nature and loves the world. This is me.



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