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关于”跟团游的利弊“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Advantages and disadvantages of group tour。以下是关于跟团游的利弊的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Advantages and disadvantages of group tour

With the development of economy and transportation, more and more people are keen on tourism, because tourism can bring benefits to us in many aspects, but we must solve some problems before traveling. How to travel is the most important thing. Some people choose to follow a tour group, while others choose to travel by themselves.

Different people have different views. Everything has two sides. Follow the team It will provide us with convenient transportation and accommodation, but you may feel tired.

You may not have enough time to enjoy your favorite scenic spots. Traveling alone will make you free, but if so, it will make you feel troubled. In short, if you can solve the above problems, then travel is a good thing.




The benefits of travel are to expand your life experience, understand your life, reassess your values, learn a foreign language, get to know all kinds of people, and go back to your roots (if your parents or grandparents are immigrants, visit some of the world's famous landmarks, unfamiliar places may lead to discomfort, travel costs, leaving home / family, inability to communicate with local people Travel sick, unable to enjoy the experience.




Tourism is a kind of travel with the purpose of entertainment, leisure or business. Tourism has become a popular leisure activity in the world. There are more than one million international tourists coming to visit.

Compared with the international tourism income, it has increased by 1 billion US dollars (billion euro). Corresponding to the actual growth, in the past few decades, the tourism industry has appeared a high-end trend, in this case, the short-term development of tourism industry has become more and more important International travel on break is common. Tourists have high disposable income, long leisure time, good education and elegant taste.

Now people have a demand for better quality products, which leads to the differentiation of Beach Resort mass market. People want more professional version, quieter resort, family oriented holiday or niche market target hotel The development of technology and transport infrastructure, such as large jets, low-cost airlines and more convenient airports, has made many types of tourism more affordable. It is estimated that at any time, there are at most people on the plane, and their lifestyle has also changed.

For example, retirees who support the whole year's travel have benefited from the Internet sales of tourism products. Some websites have started to provide dynamic packaging, in which packages customized by customers according to their impulse will quote the price included.



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