关于挫折的英语作文_frustration 2篇

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关于挫折的英语作文_frustration 2篇



If we fail, we may be disappointed, but we should never think about our lives. There are always setbacks in our life. It's more important to find out why we failed and try to face the problem.

Moreover, it is very important to take the right measures to solve the problem. There are many reasons for the old saying that "brave people smile in adversity". Moreover, we can overcome the shadow that surrounds us if it is not for pain and failure.





According to the New Oxford English dictionary, frustration, as the name suggests, refers to the feeling of being upset or annoyed at being unable to change or achieve something. As frustration seems to be a negative feeling, some people may think that frustration is not good for people who think that continuous setbacks may lead to serious mental problems. People with such psychological problems often resort to violence or suicide, which poses a great threat to the people around them, thus bringing instability to the whole society and others.

They hold different views and believe that success is good for people Beneficial, it inspires people to overcome difficulties and obstacles, and finally achieve success. People who hold this view even say that without setbacks, there will be no success. We can not always hold the hope of success and not accept failure.

The most important thing is that only by learning from failure can we do things better and finally overcome setbacks and setbacks. This is a part of our life experience in the process of growing up. When we are faced with situations that do not meet our expectations, we can do things better We may inevitably experience it.

When it comes to us, it's a test of our courage. If we let it control us, we may fall into the abyss of serious psychological problems. But if we use it and use it as a source of inspiration, we will eventually enjoy success.





Because the sea has waves, it shows its grandeur. It is because the trees have been baptized by rain that they are green and green. Because of the existence of setbacks, they have more moves and stronger.

Therefore, we must show the strongest smile in front of setbacks and say no to it bravely. When you go, you are already full of shackles and bumpy life road, and lvbian is more and more under the foot of heavy rain Difficult, you look at the front of the distance, also looking at the passing dark, looking back on the road, what kind of choice will you make? It is brave and rigid to sit on the ground and cry aloud. Each step of the choice determines whether you succeed in the face of setbacks.

If you choose the former, you will see the frustration, laugh at your inferiority complex, and laugh at your cowardice Happy is that your choice is the latter, then frustration is conducive to work, can hide in the dark corner, so shiver, in the face of setbacks, with your strongest smile to defeat him, let him wither in your sunshine, Paul's strength, Helen Kello's fortitude, and Robinson's optimism, once touched you for a time, they also told the common people a setback micro Smile, give yourself a chance, the truth, in the face of the Special Olympics in these games, the success of the podium, whether you in the daily life of these expressions moved as usual, even if you do not face up to people's success, regardless of the extraordinary personality of the disabled people are ordinary people, should not yield in setbacks, I believe in the road of life, you will face setbacks When you climb the mountain that belongs to you, your open mouth, confident eyes and the trembling voice of another setback can't make your tomorrow look brilliant and top-quality, so I believe your choice is to bravely and resolutely take every step forward.



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