用英语介绍自己的优缺点_Introduce your strengths and weaknesses in English 4

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用英语介绍自己的优缺点_Introduce your strengths and weaknesses in English 4

关于”用介绍自己的优缺点“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Introduce your strengths and weaknesses in English。以下是关于用介绍自己的优缺点的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce your strengths and weaknesses in English

A long time ago, with the development of society, people usually lived in bungalows, so more and more buildings emerged, many people moved into buildings. Now, in the building, there is property management, which can provide you with a lot of convenience. Environmental cleaning is done by special personnel.

You have to pay some fees for these services. These buildings are usually located in the city center, living in bungalows, convenient for people to go to school or work. You can chat with your neighbors at any time, but there may be some inconvenience in daily life.

It's always far from the city center. In short, there are advantages and disadvantages of living in a bungalow or a building. However, in order to keep pace with the pace of modern society, modern people tend to live in buildings.

What we design is a duplex building, also known as compound apartment. Generally speaking, duplex apartment is a mezzanine on the top floor of each apartment. The total number of two floors is much lower than that of springlayer apartment.

The lower floor is daily life, such as cooking The upper layer is used for sleeping and storage. The advantages of the upper layer for sleeping and storage are: high plane utilization coefficient; the building area of the room can be increased by cutting layer compound; the interior interlayer is a wood structure integrating partition, furniture and decoration; it can be wall, floor, bed or cabinet; it can reduce the comprehensive synthesis; the upper layer adopts sliding window; compared with ordinary residential buildings of the same height and area, it has good ventilation and lighting Good, but its disadvantages are: the compound apartment is wide and deep, natural ventilation, poor lighting, can improve the efficiency of land use.





I graduated from University, I want to establish my career in Wuhan, because I have settled here and will live here for a long time. I am very healthy. I did not take any sick leave during the University.

I did well in the University and did not violate the school rules. I am a hard-working, energetic young man. I have a strong and firm professional foundation I study hard in University.

I'm one of the top students with excellent results. I am willing to help others when they need help, and I like to cooperate with others. Take me, I will give you a surprise.




Advantages I am very smart, can quickly solve mathematical problems, I am good at reading, dancing. And I always perform on the stage. My English is very good.

I can communicate with foreigners very well. I am too lazy. I hate washing clothes in winter.

I hate it more. I lack confidence. So when facing problems, if there is no parents' encouragement, I will feel scared.

I don't know where I will be today.



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