明白的英语_Understand? 2篇

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明白的英语_Understand? 2篇



I like you. I want to be in the same place with you every day. Although it's not possible, I hope to see you every day.

Oh, I remember one time when the two of us sat on the lawn and began to count the space stars together. It was the same thing that happened that day and yesterday. I love you.

I don't regret it. I hope I can never be separated from you until I am One of them died, I do not want to give up you, also do not want to lose you, I like you as soon as I think of cowherd, like the girl weaver girl, even if I can only see me in a year, I also meet and love you on that day.




A businessman walks into a pub, sits down in the bar and orders a double martini. After drinking, he peeks into his shirt pocket and orders the bartender to prepare another double martini. After that, he peeked in his shirt pocket again, and ordered the bartender to bring another double martini.

"Listen, man, I'll get you a martini all night, but you have to tell me why you look in your shirt pocket before you order," the customer replied, "I'm peeking at my wife's picture when she starts to look good, I know it's time to go home. ".




Harmonious dormitory life now I am a college student, everything is different from senior. For example, we must learn how to deal with interpersonal relationship. In my opinion, if you want to do a good job in interpersonal relationship, the first thing to deal with is the dormitory relationship.

If you can handle this well, you can also achieve in the eyes of outsiders, how to create a harmonious environment in the dormitory, let these become Your advice. Obviously, dormitory life is an indispensable part of university life, but some students ignore this point. They stay up late to listen to music and play games, which will make a lot of noise disturb others' sleep.

They like to take a bath, but don't wash clothes, and they always pile up in the corner for more than a week, so its smell is enough to drive other members out of the room. What's more, their beds and chairs are very untidy. It's incredible that some people can't stand such behavior, but they don't have the courage to express their dissatisfaction.

As time goes on, they fight with each other. It's really annoying to live in such a well-known environment. On the one hand, harmonious dormitory life benefits all members, on the other hand, we can Concentrate on study, have a rest, we will have a good mood, share happy things, talk friendly, the most important thing is that we can always maintain our friendship.

By contrast, an inharmonious dormitory life can be frustrating and counterproductive. There are several ways to create a harmonious dormitory life. First of all, keep cleaning the room and washing clothes every day to get rid of those Bad habits, everyone should have a tolerant heart to tolerate other people's mistakes, even in annoying circumstances.

Second, before determining something, don't doubt anyone, keep a good attitude, make friends with others, smile at everyone, even if he has done something bad for you. In a word, a good dormitory relationship is equal to a good interpersonal relationship, and we should strive to build it Establish a harmonious dormitory life, for the good interpersonal relationship and a better life.



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