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关于”夏天的学校生活“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:School life in summer。以下是关于夏天的学校生活的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:School life in summer

Summer is the second season of the year. Between spring and autumn, the sun is the hottest in summer. The water in summer is the warmest.

The scenic spots in summer are the most crowded in the world. First of all, summer is the favorite season for students because their longest vacation in the year is in summer. Many of them try to enrich themselves by participating in some interesting outdoor activities, including camping with friends and family, going to Swimming on the beach or in public swimming pools, traveling and sightseeing locally and nationally, their social and healthy lives, some of them trying to use their holidays to gain summer work experience, other students may improve their academic performance by attending summer schools.

Second, summer is a pleasant season for all kinds of cold food, and juicy fruit cream is our favorite sweet all along I like ice cream, so muchI eats ice cream almost every day. In summer, there are many fresh fruits to sell. Watermelon is honored as the most demanding fruit in the season.

All kinds of iced drinks are in great demand in summer. Third, summer is the hot season of fashion. You will see many sexy and graceful beauties in your street, beach and shopping center My girlfriend and I are everywhere.

I like to dress casually in summer. I like to wear shorts and T-shirts. Don't forget to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen before you go out.

Anyway, I like summer very much. You should practice your English from now on. A year old boy, I prefer summer to summer.

I'm glad to help you in this job. I've learned a lot from it. I'm more than willing to use every opportunity I've ever had to practice my English.





After my summer final exam, I received a letter from my uncle and aunt. They invited me to live with them in the countryside near a beautiful mountain for two weeks. The next morning, the news made me feel uneasy.

After almost a day's driving, I arrived at their home, and they warmly received me. They prepared a very comfortable and ventilated room for me. Just entering the room, I found a bottle of roses on a small table.

I thank them for their kindness. When they left me for a rest, I really couldn't do it if I was a one Artist, my attention is attracted by the charming scenery outside the window. I will draw a wonderful picture for it.

Early in the morning, we took a walk on the nearby mountains, where we could enjoy the fresh air and the sweet songs of birds. We were gathering wildflowers in the Bush, and in the afternoon I found it was fun. I spent all my time reading and writing because I was locked in the heat.

In the heat of the night. Evening is the only time we can go swimming together. I have improved my swimming ability in two weeks.

Although two weeks passed quickly, my memory of it will last until my summer vacation. The semester is coming to an end. I miss my parents very much.

I am eager to go home. I plan to do it one thousand and one times.






One day, just before she went to school as usual, a girl student Xiao Fang complained to her father who was reading the newspaper that the school life was very boring now. She hated going to school. Hearing her daughter's words, school was like hell.

Her father kept silent and said that she should go to school with her. All her complaints were over because in the eyes of her father, no one can change the present The state of affairs. There is no doubt that almost all students do not like today's school life, but everyone has the responsibility to end exam oriented education.

School life should be interesting and colorful. As the saying goes, all work and no play, Jack a nerd.



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