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关于”与名言有关的四“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Four related to famous sayings。以下是关于与名言有关的四的八级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Four related to famous sayings

Be faithful to your promise, your work and your friends. Friends' friendship is almost always the combination of some people's thoughts and other people's. people are friends, but friends are always brothers.

Every mortal's eyes turn to friendship. I like a simple friend. He takes my shortcomings in front of me like a mirror.

What is our desire? I'm grateful for it Love, or with other sweet and ironic feelings, a good book can bring you the world is the best friend, the same today and forever, in the time of suffering and stinginess, no one is good without fault, brother may not be friends, I don't know whether our name will be immortal, I believe our friendship will be a person who knows him in a long journey and a small hotel Companionship / in the time of joy and joy, a distant confidant brings a distant land, and the friendship between friends is like a plant growing slowly. All these are very common, because he has no friends in this world.




A bad beginning leads to a bad ending. A bad thing never dies. A bad worker always blames his tools.

A bird in his hand is better than two boasters and liars in the jungle. He is a close relative. A bully in Germany is always a coward.

A burden of one's choice doesn't feel the candle lighting someone else. A cat has life. A cat may shut its mouth and watch the king catch no flies Frequent visitors are never welcome.

Actions speak louder than words. Adversity leads to prosperity. Adversity makes people wise, unfair death and glory.

It is hard for a faithful friend to find one to fall into a pit. The harvest of your wisdom may turn grey. But no good friend is a friend in need.

It is easier to lose a friend than to find one. Friends are never known until one needs a friend without faults. It is never found that "after you" is polite.

A good beginning is half success. A good beginning is a good ending. A good book is a good friend.

A good book is the best friend. Today, conscience is always a soft pillow. A good reputation is better than a good face.

A good husband makes a good marriage A good wife's medicine tastes bitter a good wife's health is a man's greatest wealth. A talker is a great liar's estrangement to keep friendship green jokes invincible but losing friends leopard can't change its spots cheater when he tells the truth does not believe in a light heart to live long, a small body often contains a great soul, a little knowledge is one A dangerous thing a little pot will soon heat up all bravery when the enemy flies away all the good things end all the rivers flow into the sea all the roads lead to Rome all the end good is good all the glitter not all the gold things are hard before easy. All work and play made Jack a dull boy.

A man becomes learned by asking questions. A man can't do more than he can do. A man can't spin and spin at the same time.

A man is known by his friends. A man who only says but doesn't do is like a garden full of weeds. A man without money is not a happy man.

He has made mistakes again and again.





Nature never deceives us. We always deceive ourselves. Rousseau has nothing impossible.

For a willing man, nothing is impossible. Nothing in life is terrible. Only Marie Curie is understood.

It is easy to come and easy to go. Even if the experts agree that everyone has his own shortcomings, they may misunderstand Bertrand Russell that everything can be deprived of one's own, but one thing is the freedom to choose one's own attitude in any given situation (Leonhard Flander, German novelist). No one can live without pushing and shoving.

He has to elbow himself in all aspects Squeeze out of the world, give people and take offense Thomas Carlyle ate alive, not live to eat empty containers make the most of the noise jealousy there is nothing in the world impossible without a holiday if you make up your mind to do it, never put off what you can do today until tomorrow,.



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