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关于”你生命的意义“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:The meaning of your life。以下是关于你生命的意义的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The meaning of your life

http://wwwmeaningsoflifecom/http//enwikipediaorg/wiki/meaningoflife Some people, including logical positivists, will ask such questions as "what is the meaning of life", and will also question whether it is a meaningful question. Others have considered this question, "if there is no objective value, existentialists believe that meaning can be created by themselves, and they are against emptiness The anarchic view that some people, especially humanists, aim to develop an understanding of life, which explains that, no matter how we come here, what we should do now is, in addition to the naturalistic assumptions provided by science about the origin of life, consciousness and the universe, some philosophers and theologians believe that the "clockmaker" or "intelligent designer" is of the physical universe The creator, based mainly on teleological and / or cosmological arguments, as well as other people's consideration of the human need for some higher or supernatural ideal. For example, referring to Friedrich Nietzsche's hypothesis of God's "death", Martin Heidegger described this problem as "if God, as the super sensory basis and goal of all reality, is dead, if the thought is The super sensory world has lost its obligations, and more importantly, its vitality and building strength.

So, there is nothing that can make human beings attach to it and position themselves on it. The religious answer to the question "what is the meaning of my life" often includes some kind of moral requirement and consolation of the grief, mystery and spiritual tradition related to death. Compared with religion, religion usually pays more attention to direct experience, that is to say, life is a kind of unfolding, internal awakening or discovery and transformation of one's understanding and insight, and the ultimate goal of life is to conform to the principle of "life" Living according to this spiritual insight can be summarized as understanding the meaning of life, all life and reality itself.




I don't think about the meaning of life. On the contrary, my life is very meaningful. Even I don't need to know that anything is life.

As long as you live to meet the need of looking for its meaning, it will exist. When you further look for it, it may disappear. Only when we feel that life is meaningless, will we look for it.

Whether we find it or not depends on the individual Luck, because it's not personal power that can determine that we don't live in the meaning, but when we don't live in the meaning, our human status is in question, which will test whether we are qualified people. If we never want to seek a meaning in one's life, never pursue a meaning, never pursue an external material and spiritual pursuit, Then he will be a personality damaged personality. If a person only wants to live, as long as he has the basic survival is enough, if he wants to enjoy it, he will want a lot of things, which is not easy to achieve.

But if he wants a meaning, he only needs to choose a meaningful thing from his mind and persevere in it, which may be the meaning When you think it is, meaningful, meaningful, meaningful meaning does not necessarily belong to all, but only belongs to the individual who believes in it. Some people say that only in this way can human beings deeply think about the meaning of life, while it is precisely said that only a very few people will profoundly think about the meaning of life. Most people do not know what life is and can not be affected if they want to live They are born people who have a deep understanding of the meaning of life and have not seen any difference in their lives.




Life has never been like this, a relentless flow of our parents, we will continue to live through our children. The institutions that we have built will last forever, and we will endure through them the beauty that we have created, our bodies may perish, our hands will wither, but what they have created in beauty, goodness and truth will live forever. Add love to the house, you will have a home, you will add justice to the city, you will have a community, you will add a pile of red bricks to truth, you will have a school Add religion to the most humble buildings.

You have shelter. Add justice to the extensive efforts of mankind. You have civilization.

Put them together. Put them above their present imperfections. Add the vision of human salvation to them.

The need for freedom and conflict forever. You have a bright future full of hope.



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