英语作文关于梦想_Dream 2篇

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英语作文关于梦想_Dream 2篇



When I was very young, I dreamed of becoming a princess. When I was in primary school, I dreamed of becoming a teacher, because I admired my teacher very much. My dream changed with my growth.

Now I am in high school. I want to be a fashion designer. I love fashion very much.

When I see models wearing beautiful skirts on the stage, I really envy my wish I can design these clothes and create the fashion that I have always focused on fashion. When I see good styles, when I think of good styles, I will write them down and draw them on the pictures. Now I have collected a lot of photos, which represent my dream.

I believe that one day I can make my clothes.




When I see the girls dancing in the movies, I will be very jealous of their elegant temperament. I wish I were one of them. Especially when my mother spoke highly of these dancing girls, my mother tried to send me to learn ballet, but I was too young to enjoy the fun of class.

I always played truant with me, friends and then my mother After finding out the truth, she gave up and let me learn ballet. Now I feel very sorry. If I insist, I can be the girl that makes my parents proud.

Fortunately, I find something I am interested in, and I will not give up.




Dream is power. Power can bring us any place we want to go. It can bring us many miracles.

Where we dream, dream is beautiful. Maybe you can see something full of magic. Maybe you will be moved by your own dream.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a princess? Successful person, you can clearly understand that everything in your dream is an unrealistic world The world is so real that all dreams seem slim. But whether we should have a life without dreams, of course, the truth will never tell you: there is no dream, there is no hope. If no one dreams of flying like a bird, we will never know this.

A machine called airplane can take us into the air, and we will never have the opportunity to develop. Some people say that without Edison, the world would be dark. He once made a dream, the sun shines on our heads day and night, he really lights our life, so if everyone has a dream and tries to realize it, if you do it here, there is nothing impossible, I also have my dream, I hope I can live an elegant life and enjoy a pure and beautiful happiness, I have a dream, all of them People are free to pursue their dreams and get equal opportunities.

I have a dream that evil will lose their lives and love will fill the blanket. I have a dream that one day I can stand by you all and see this dream face reality together.



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