英文读书报告的格式_Reading Report 2篇

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英文读书报告的格式_Reading Report 2篇

关于”读书报告“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Reading Report。以下是关于读书报告的初中英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Reading Report

Tom Sawyer and his best friend Huck Finn tell stories, fish, pretend to be pirates on the Mississippi River, and then they become witnesses to a terrible crime in real life, whether Tom is running away from villains, looking for treasure or showing off for Becky Thatcher, this is another gradient of humor Dear dear dear golf cup, Saturday morning is coming. I like all Saturdays. The weather is sunny.

It's very suitable to go out and play. "I cried, I cried. That's a routine in the past." "think about it, Tom's wind did blow out anything said." it's a lot, but now the record is not very clear.

"No mistake, oh, that said: soup Shut up. Oh, my God, yes, sir. I think Tom is brave and smart.

I like him very much.


汤姆·索耶和他最好的朋友哈克·芬恩在密西西比河岸边讲故事、钓鱼,假装成海盗,然后他们就成了现实生活中一桩可怕罪行的见证人,不管汤姆是在逃避恶棍、寻宝还是为贝基·撒切尔炫耀,这是继另一个梯度幽默dier-Close Quoter secret亲爱的亲爱的高尔夫杯星期六早上来了,我喜欢所有的星期六,天气晴朗,非常适合出去玩“我哭了,我哭了,那已经是过去的例行公事了”“好好想想,汤姆的风确实吹熄了任何说的话”都是很多,但是现在的记录已经不太清楚了“没有错误哦,哦那说:汤姆“闭嘴哦,天哪,是的,先生,我觉得汤姆很勇敢,很聪明,我很喜欢他。


Books and newspapers I read a book for many days. The title of the book is cat and mouse in a haunted house. It's about a newspaper mouse named Geronimo Stilton, who runs newspapers in new mouse City, the capital of rat island.

One night in October, he decided to visit his aunt, but he got lost driving through the dark forest because of the fog, and then his car ran out of gas. He thought I wish I were at home. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning in the sky.

When he approached the front door, he saw a big castle. He saw two stone cats and a sign that said, "to smart cat castle, the doorbell is at one." The mouth of a stone cat. When Geronimo decided to enter the castle, it began to rain, so he finally walked into the castle.

Geronimos' sister, nephew Benjamin and his cousin Trapp all came to help him find out all the two kittens. They didn't want anyone else to come to the castle because the castle was their ancestor's smart cat, so after reading this story, they all came to the castle, I've done a lot of tricks. I think it's very interesting.

I have a lot of interesting things. My favorite character is Benjamin, the nephew of geronimos. Because he is very cute and intelligent, he always observes every detail he finds.

He finds his feet on the floor and on the nails. The wall of the story says that Geronimo is a very timid mouse and always scares himself. I like this very much That's why I read more books.




Title: catcher in reosall: jdsalinger No. page: content: protaholder, Holden Caulfield, tells his wandering experience and feelings in New York City. After being expelled from school morality, he tries to seek purity and real value from the world of adult hypocrisy and pretentiousness: the novel exposes and betrays the strong contempt for hypocrisy and falsehood and the search for truth The classic and typical image of the protagonist has influenced seven generations of American teenagers.



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