关于榜样的英语作文_example 2篇

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关于榜样的英语作文_example 2篇



After showing the new image of the Chinese army to the world, it has attracted the attention of the whole world. Recently, many people are proud of China's new strength. The picture of a little boy standing behind the soldiers has been favored by many people.

The soldiers stand in a straight line, just as they are in training. The little boy follows them. People see the strength of the example, and the good example can be cultivated Children become better people.

We can judge adults from children's behavior. Take my aunt as an example. She is a teacher.

She has a daughter. Everyone praises her when they talk about my cousin because she is polite and helpful. My aunt sets a good example for her.




As we all know, Lu Xun is a famous writer in China. He is not only a writer, thinker, but also the founder of Chinese literature. He wrote many classic novels.

His stories have been translated into many languages and made into films, such as true story of Ah Q and new year's sacrifice, which profoundly show people's pain in their old age. Because of his achievements in Chinese literature, Chairman Mao's comments on Chinese literature have made great contributions to the development of Chinese literature He spoke highly of him, and some of his works were selected into textbooks in high school and university. I think you will benefit a lot from reading his short stories, writers, Essayists and critics.

Lu Xun was praised by Mao Zedong as "the commander of the Chinese Cultural Revolution", regarded as one of the greatest figures in the history of Chinese literature in the century, and was praised by Mao Zedong as "the commander of the Chinese Cultural Revolution" ”He is one of the most influential Chinese writers associated with the May 4th movement.




People who successfully get out of their homes are more successful and happier than those who stay in the countryside. People who agree with different views can't succeed in today's world, because the team disagrees. It's more important to say than to write well.

When people succeed, what does luck have to do with success? Success is because you work hard. Luck has nothing to do with success. Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above to explain your position with specific reasons and examples.

IBT this is a true story about an African man named Cinque who killed the most terrifying beast anyone has ever seen, a lion in the village Son, his brothers and sisters know this matter, gave him a lot of respect, and called him a big man. However, he later told the truth: "it killed several people, and even the hunters among us, including me, were afraid that when it suddenly appeared, I and my family lay together, and suddenly it suddenly appeared." I picked up a big stone and threw it away, which was not brave, because anyone would do this to protect his family, "but a miracle happened Well, you see, I hit it. I don't know how it killed it, but it was a stone, you see, a stone I got the gratitude of all the people in the village who treated me like a prince.

All the things they gave me were the best and I took them away, but I knew I didn't deserve it, because when I threw that stone at the beast, if I missed it, I wouldn't be sitting here today trying to explain it to you or anyone else, and I'm dead. I'm not big A character is just a lucky person. "You see, luck does exist when it appears.

Mathematicians describe something in such a way that the probability is very small, but it does happen. People often say that in this case, a person must have a chance to succeed. Luck is an opportunity, and to some extent, it is an indispensable factor for success.

When people say that luck and success have nothing to do with it I want to know that it is not their rejection of the existence of luck, but encouragement, because luck is actually a factor that one can not and should not rely on. Although we know that successful people have their own luck, no one knows when it will happen, but we do not know when, hard work is everyone can rely on, and usually Under the circumstances, hard work may bring good luck, so luck itself is hopeless, and lack of luck should not be an excuse for failure.




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