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关于”业余时间逛街“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Shopping in spare time。以下是关于业余时间逛街的六年级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Shopping in spare time

I want to make full use of my spare time. I usually do three things in my spare time: reading, playing basketball and surfing the Internet. These are my favorite three things.

Reading is one of my favorite relaxation methods. I don't like reading at home. I prefer reading in the library.

We have a Community Library on the street. Although the library is small, it has a large collection of books. I will go there on weekends and afternoons Reading is one of the best ways to spend my spare time.

Don't mistake me for a reader. I also love sports. I like playing basketball with my friends on weekends.

We usually play basketball. It's a good team work for me When I do my school project, the Internet has become a major media. In recent years, my enthusiasm for surfing the Internet has become more and more intense.

When I don't study, I will go online to chat with my friends and others from all over the world, learn different cultures, learn about the outside world, and I want to know more about it I'm looking for an employer and trying to find a basic job. That's how I spend most of my spare time. Reading is a good way to absorb knowledge and be familiar with news events.

Playing basketball with friends helps me develop my ability of teamwork and interpersonal communication. Surfing the Internet brings me into contact with different cultures and people from different backgrounds in the world^^.





In my spare time, I'm always busy doing all kinds of things. From Monday to Friday, I have to study at school. So my spare time is only on weekends.

I like to play computer games at home. I usually play with my friends. Sometimes I help my parents do housework at night.

I often go to the movies. My favorite movies are Superman and spider man. I want to be a hero Help those who need help in the future.




Now I am a sixth grade student, and other students also have many hobbies, such as drawing, playing computer, reading books and so on. But my favorite is keyboard. I remember when I was in kindergarten, my father bought me a Yamaha electronic organ.

I didn't understand it. Later, I used a small photo on the button. From then on, my mother took me to study electronic organ in the city Whether it's cold weather or hot summer, I have to practice on the keyboard for several hours every day, all relying on ten dexterous and powerful fingers, and the wonderful sound is like this.

Every morning, I have to practice the balance for half an hour before school. After school, I only need half an hour to practice etudes homework. Before going to practice winter vacation and summer vacation, I finish one minute on time In the past seven years, I have arranged at least two or three hours of practice time every day.

I dropped a drop of sweat when practicing the piano, and once I got the tears of criticism from the teacher after practicing the piano. I praised the happiness and also had setbacks. But I couldn't stick to it because I like the electronic organ.

After unremitting efforts, I obtained the cet-7 Certificate in the Central Conservatory of music Since the implementation of quality education, the school has given me a lot of talent and intelligence. When the school is performing activities or programs, I am either by classmates or by a soloist to listen to the applause of the audience, and then look at the envious eyes of the students, a sense of pride. This is the crystallization of sweat and tears as a hobby, I get great fun from it, and music, as a kind of Pursuit is just beginning now.

There is still a long way to go. Even if I become a musician in the future, I will play this hobby all my life.



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