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关于”打败恐惧“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Defeat fear。以下是关于打败恐惧的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Defeat fear

I hit her once, because of discomfort and stopped the pace of progress, now, I crossed the finish line, put myself in the first few weeks of this time, in order to measure the meter, my calm appearance, hidden uneasy heartbeat, I am not afraid of rice, but worried about whether my body can hold the second group to the end, is it? We will soon be our turn, I think the third place It's very uncomfortable, and with the teacher's whistle, we all set out at the same time, out of the starting point, all of them did my part, and it was even more difficult to win. After half a lap, Zhong Jiajun ranked first, and I followed. Before long, I should not suddenly forget to speed up a hot head and clench my teeth.

There are only three children in my mind: after she did, I occupied the first one not long ago But he made it clear: if I run at this speed, I will not hold the second lap. I still play the role of "leader", but I have lost more and more control over my legs, and gradually began to breathe a little bit. "Come on!" I heard the cry in my heart, "keep going, I want to" get down "is also" lie down "outside the finish line." my heart was ignited again, For myself, there is still half a circle, and legs like lead heavy water, and no power to move forward, breathing more and more powerful, I hesitated for a moment, stopped, I really want to, but it is impossible, I want to beat myself in a short time, but it seems that it is long and close, I use the last spare force to cross the finish line, I now, how to cry to the blue sky: "I, defeat "Yourself".




We still remember how happy we were when Hong Kong finally reunited with our motherland. We all believe that the return of Hong Kong has a good start and the future of Hong Kong will be brighter. The main point is that the Hong Kong people are not happy to see the mainland people using their resources instead of paying anyone named Hong Kong to enjoy the high welfare we can see.

The Hong Kong man in the literary world worried that the mainland people would eat too much welfare, like locusts, leaving them less or less. What's worse, for example, if a mainland pregnant woman gives birth in Hong Kong, her children will have to enjoy the social welfare of Hong Kong, just as they can go to Hong Kong schools. Access to better education and health insurance, both of which are better than those in the mainland, allows Hong Kong Konger upsetting about to enjoy such benefits without paying any taxes, which is really troublesome because Hong Kong's licensing is easier than before.

More and more people are beginning to pay attention to settling down or traveling in Hong Kong. Some mainland people's behavior has aroused controversy. Their uncivilized behavior makes them hate Hong Kong people even more.

For example, mainland people eat in the subway everywhere. We can't blame the people of Hong Kong. After all, we have reduced the quality of our city.

In short, the Chinese government can introduce a policy to balance Hong Kong people For the welfare of the people of Hong Kong and the mainland, mainland people going to Hong Kong should pay attention to their behavior. We should not easily break our relationship..



接受更好的教育和医疗保险,它们都比内地水平好,这使得Hong Konger upsetabout享受到了这种福利而不缴纳任何税款,这真的让人费心了,因为香港的许可比以前更容易。越来越多的人开始关注去香港定居或旅行,一些大陆人的行为开始引起争议,他们的不文明行为使他们更讨厌香港人,例如,大陆人在地铁里吃东西,随处可见,我们不能责怪香港人民,毕竟我们降低了自己的城市质量,总之,中国政府可以出台一项政策来平衡香港和大陆人民的福利,去香港的大陆人应该注意他们的行为,我们不应该轻易地打破我们的关系。。


If I followed the rules, I would succumb to fear and eventually disappoint my children, which alleviated the guilt of leaving my son. Sometimes I realize that, like other people who take care of patients, I need to occasionally go somewhere else to catch my breath, find meaning, and then return to my work of caring for my children. Job is someone else's place, maybe somewhere else.

My son is recovering now, but I'm too close to his illness to fully understand what I can learn and what I can understand I can only say from this experience that it may be wrong to work when my child is seriously ill, but from the inside, it keeps me sane. I am no longer intimidated by other mothers. I let myself see my dedication.

We are all taking care of our children in our own way.



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