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关于”拥抱的好处“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:The benefits of hugging。以下是关于拥抱的好处的高二英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The benefits of hugging

But the most important thing in our mind is the final destination at a certain time of one day. Once we arrive at the station, the band will play and the flag will fly. So many wonderful dreams will come true.

The fragments of our life will be put together like a complete jigsaw puzzle. How restless we pace in the corridor and curse those who hang around, wait, wait at the station Waiting for the station "when we get to the station, it will be" we cry "when I" "when I buy a new SL Mercedes Benz" "when I send my last child to college" "when I pay off my mortgage" "when I get promoted" "when I reach retirement age, I will live happily ever after." sooner or later, we must realize that there is no car Station, no place can be reached. The real happiness of life is travel.

The station is just a dream. It constantly surpasses us. "Enjoy the present" is a good motto.

Especially when combined with the poem "this is the day the Lord has", it is not the burden of today that drives people crazy, but the regret of yesterday and the fear of tomorrow It's a pair of twin thieves who have robbed us of our present day, so instead of pacing up and down the aisle, we should climb more mountains, eat more ice cream, barefoot more, swim more rivers, watch more sunsets, laugh more and cry less. Life has to live like we do, and the station will come soon,.




Ecotourism we should protect our natural environment and support ecotourism. The alpine forests are still primitive and have not been damaged by industrialization. The government spent two years building a red bridge on the canyon.

The lake on the mountain of bayomi is our first stop. Nitrogen was easy to leach from the soil, because it was easier to dissolve in Nazi concentration groups, and refugee camps were gassed. Li Li played an important role in the case.

The news magnate decided to merge with another company to expand his empire.





A remote Patagonia town has just begun to prosper by guiding tourists through nearby virgin forests, but it is being shaken by a gold mine, far more than the worried Esquire residents who recently took to the streets to protest to ensure that their tidy community becomes an eco-tourism center, not an eco-tourism center Kerr's dilemma is attracting the attention of international environmental organizations such as Argentina's Greenpeace organization. In the debate about the development and protection of the country's huge natural resources, the town has become a symbol of a country. In the impoverished and sparsely populated province of chubout, where Esquire is located, about one million acres of land are being explored.

Whether meridian gold Corp mines open-pit gold outside Esquel, near the southern tip of South America, may determine the fate of Patagonia's mining industry. Patagonia, a pristine area in southern Argentina and Chile's meridian project, is about miles from Esquel and a few miles from a national park that houses Southern relatives of California's giant sequoia, some of which have grown peacefully in temperate rainforests for more than a few years, and the greatest fear is cyanide, which is used to extract minerals from ore It's going to run off the mountain, poison Esquire, and maybe Parker's water mine will use tons of deadly chemicals every month, although many citizens and some geologists disagree, the company says any excess cyanide will run away from Esquire, and we won't allow them to tear things up and leave toxic consequences when he drives a boat of tourists through Arles As a lake in Seth National Park, we are here to deal with things so that the whole world can hear and see the pure state of nature, and the world must help us prevent this from happening.


一个边远的巴塔哥尼亚小镇刚刚开始通过引导游客穿过附近的原始森林而繁荣起来,但它正被一个金矿所动摇,这一点远不止那些忧心忡忡的埃斯奎尔居民最近走上街头抗议,旨在确保他们整洁的社区成为一个生态旅游中心,而不是一个生态旅游中心淘金热镇埃斯克尔的困境正赢得阿根廷绿色和平组织等国际环保组织的关注,在关于开发与保护国家巨大自然资源的争论中,该镇已成为一个国家的象征。在埃斯奎尔所在的贫穷、人烟稀少的丘布特省,约有百万英亩的土地正在进行矿产勘探,在南美洲南端附近,Meridian Gold Corp是否在Esquel外开采露天金矿,可能会决定巴塔哥尼亚采矿业的命运。巴塔哥尼亚是阿根廷南部和智利Meridian项目的一个原始地区,距离Esquel约英里,海拔较高,它距离一个国家公园大约几英里,这个国家公园保存着加州巨型红杉的南部亲戚,其中一些树已经在温带雨林中安详地生长了超过几年最大的恐惧是氰化物,它被用来从矿石中提取黄金,会从山下流失,毒害埃斯奎尔,可能还有帕克的供水矿井每个月将使用数吨的致命化学物质尽管许多市民和一些地质学家不同意,公司说任何多余的氰化物都会从埃斯奎尔流失我们不会允许他们撕毁东西,留下有毒的后果,当他驾驶一船游客穿过阿勒塞斯国家公园的一个湖泊时,我们在这里处理事情,这样整个世界都能听到和看到大自然的纯净状态,世界必须帮助我们防止这种情况发生。

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