节日的英语作文_festival 3篇

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节日的英语作文_festival 3篇



My favorite festival is Spring Festival, usually in February. I like it because I can receive some gifts and a lot of money on New Year's Eve. I can have a delicious meal.

I can watch the Spring Festival Party of CCTV on TV and play with my cousins. More and more western festivals come to China. Christmas is a popular western festival in China.

I think it's good to play western festivals because it can help us understand western culture, but I don't think we should forget Chinese festivals because of them It's our traditional festival, so we should not forget Chinese festivals.




(New Year's day, Abraham Lincoln's birthday, St. Valentine's day, George Washington's birthday, St. Patrick's day, Easter Sunday (Jesus Christ's Easter eggplant fool's day) (April Fool's Day (memorial day, flag day, father's day, independence day, labor day, Columbus Day, Halloween, all saints' day, soul day, retirement) Soldier's Day (Thanksgiving) (Election Day (ancestor's day).

Christmas. weihnachtenneujahrkarneval/fasching/fastnachtosternnationalfeiertag)jeanedspoyes--.




Western festivals celebrated in China have become more and more commercialized, with fewer ideologies and Chinese enjoying more relaxed social control. As a result, they chose some western festivals, while the Chinese, mostly young people, celebrated their fun. Business people saw a good opportunity to make money.

Valentine's day has become a huge festival for young Chinese people. Like the rest of the world, sales of greeting cards and flowers (mainly roses) have reached millions of dollars. However, in the west, Chinese people limit gifts to their spouses, lovers and sexual partners.

Candy can be given to friends and colleagues. This may be because Valentine's day has been misinterpreted as Qingren's day. Qingren means Valentine's day.

Some people have called for the Chinese traditional Qixi Festival (the seventh day of the seventh lunar month) to replace this kind of festival to celebrate love. Chinese people, especially the younger generation, don't pay attention to the religious background when they embrace Christmas. They decorate their homes with Christmas trees and Christmas lights, send Christmas gifts to children, attend parties and enjoy a carnival like night.

The Christmas atmosphere is very obvious in the busy streets of big cities. There, shops, restaurants and hotels try their best to attract customers. Most of them are Santa Claus Young women, their best promotion tool.




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