job的英语_job 2篇

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job的英语_job 2篇



(a dream job) I dream that when I grow up, I will become a doctor. In my impression, an angel is an angel, kind and beautiful, so I will take care of the patients like an angel and help all the suffering people. If I were a doctor, I would provide services to those who had no money for free, and I would take care of the elderly and children more carefully because they were too weak to take care of themselves.

Moreover, I should work hard and avoid mistakes, because a small mistake may affect one's life. Of course, I'm glad to see people getting better and better.




After studying in University for four years, I am going to graduate soon. I am looking for a job. At the same time, I am also trying to find out what kind of work I like in my heart.

I want to be a teacher. I want to go further. Being a university teacher is my favorite job in University.

I feel very free. The knowledge I have learned is different from that of high school. Teachers attach great importance to thesis, so he is a teacher Their main purpose is to get students high marks and enter the ideal university.

University teachers teach students in a very different way. They pay attention to students' critical thinking. I like this free atmosphere.

In order to realize my dream and get the job I like, the first thing I need to do is to continue to study. I have passed the postgraduate entrance examination. I feel very excited.

I will learn and improve myself as much as possible As an excellent student, I believe I can get the job I like.




When we were on holiday in Oahu, we were sitting in the coach waiting for some casual people to show up. A man was obviously not in our line. He approached the bus and was about to get on.

Our driver immediately wanted to know. He leaned his head against the door and asked, "to the nudist colony, sir"; "Oh, no," the man replied, "the driver blinked "Every time has a job", driver blinks , driver blinks ԡ ԡ ???? ???? , driver blinks what's the situation of our driver, we want to know we want to know ԡ ԡ ; what was the situation of the driver of our driver, we want to know what was the situation of the driver of our driver, we want to know ԡ ; we want to know ; we want to know ; ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ we want to know ԡ heleaned against the door.


在瓦胡岛度假的时候,我们坐在旅游车里等着一些散漫的人出现,一个人显然不在我们的队伍里,走近大巴,正要上车,我们的司机马上就想知道,他把头靠在门口,问道:“去裸体主义者聚居地,先生”;“哦,不,”那人回答说司机眨眼 “每一次都有工作”,司机眨眼 注意事项: 旅游大巴有些人出现了 ②一个男人我们的司机当时的情况如何,我们想知道 ④他靠在车门上。


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