介绍校园的英语作文_Introduce Campus 3篇

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介绍校园的英语作文_Introduce Campus 3篇

关于”介绍校园“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Introduce Campus。以下是关于介绍校园的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce Campus

When the breeze gently holding catkins reflection, when the sun began to its golden, beautiful cherry blossoms in the air grow to a few and gently fall, we are enjoying the happiness of campus life in the early morning, happy birds sing with us, across the path, flowers sprinkle all over the campus, we look at the sun, smiling eyes are written "Nanjing Normal University, is a subsidiary of the Yangtze River, and" Bronze light reflected on us, we happily accepted the vitality of light, walked towards the classroom in the campus, we can see beautiful fountain pool every day, tall trees with beautiful books crying, we often meet our classmates or good partners after school, friendly, warm, cordial known as a wave of return, cordial greetings to you, perhaps the latest chat What has been done in the classroom, we have sprinkled the settled ones out, urged the breath with long bags, and studied life in the classroom. We enjoyed our own ability, boldly expressed our unique opinions, and well remembered that we must understand the knowledge and key points, let the birds nod for us, for the trees to nod their approval, to let the flowers in our hearts and the fragrance of petals flutter in the sky Dancing, we try our best to break the message we like. Like that, we can talk freely in ten minutes, enhance friendship and add precious wealth to our hearts.

We discuss problems and improve each other, so that we can enrich and wise ourselves. Some are close to the railing, pinlandro, some gather in the corridor, smile, some sit in the sculpture, sunshine, enjoy the beautiful golden age In January, we entered the collective, every class is a home, we all hope our elbow, this "home" to be outstanding, therefore, we saw every member of the team's momentum like an arrow, ready to go, indestructible determination, we also saw the cheerleading team's big span, waving arms, jumping up and crying, every time we succeed in learning Long we are learning in the growth. Now, we are walking on the Mall Road of the campus with a smile.

When we leave the campus, the happiest moment, let's have a look at our road. I believe we have a proud feeling, no leisure time, and have a bright future. I believe that the unforgettable campus life will become our best memory.




In school, I get up early every day. My classmates and I study in the classroom and play on the playground. We all feel very happy.

In this period of time, we help each other, progress together, grow together. But sometimes my school life is so tired that I love my school life......



。 。



We know that the campus is a place where teachers and students work and study. A good campus environment can bring us fresh and beautiful feeling. Although our campus is not large, it has a good green color.

The trees, birds and flowers outside the classroom are fragrant. The famous sayings of ancient and modern China and foreign countries are pasted on the sidewalk. We are trying to create a healthy, harmonious and passionate environment for students In a good environment to be infected and edified, in the impact of personality at the same time by the environment, to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, so that everyone in a beautiful environment, clean and warm environment every day healthy growth, to be a civilized citizen.



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