关于自己的英语作文_own 4篇

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关于自己的英语作文_own 4篇



Where there is love, there is wealth and success. A woman came out of her house and saw three old men with white beards sitting in her front yard. He didn't know them.

She said I didn't know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and eat something. It's the man at home.

They didn't ask him. She said he was out and we couldn't come in. When her husband came home in the evening, she told him what had happened, told them I was at home and invited them in.

The woman went out and invited the men in our family. They answered why she wanted to know an old man. He said his name was rich.

He said, pointing to one of his friends, and then to another. He succeeded. I love him very much.

Then he added, now go and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home. The woman went in and told her husband that the old man had What? Her husband was very happy. He said how good he was.

We invited him to the wealth case and filled our home with wealth. His wife didn't agree with me. Honey, why don't we invite the successful daughter-in-law to hear her own advice from the other corner of the house, invite love.

Our family will be full of love. Let's pay attention to our daughter-in-law's advice that the husband treats his wife Go out and invite love to be our guests. The woman goes out and asks three old men who are love to come in to be our guests.

Love stands up and begins to walk to the house. The other two also stand up and follow him. The lady who is surprised by him asks why you want to come in.

If you invite wealth or success, the other two of us will stay outside, but both of us will stay outside But you invite love, no matter where he goes, as long as there is love, there is wealth and success.





A new day is here, so are you. We've started a new day, and I hope you're ready to go all out to enjoy it. For today's sake, it's worth remembering that you're still alive.

Sometimes we forget that you have a goal that belongs entirely to you. No one is you. You have dreams, hopes and aspirations.

Listen to your heart for a moment and remember what you have today There are blessings: every direction you see is beautiful. Enjoy the abundance that belongs to you. The world is a beautiful place.

You are here today to remember that you have received what you have given: your world is a mirror of your inner self. When you give love, love will belong to you. Remember that life today is creation: as long as you live, you can contribute your own unique voice.

Remember that today is a special time to do the best you can.




The biggest weakness of human nature is that we don't know how to cherish the achievements we have made. This is the reason why we always think that the grass on the other side of the fence is greener. It is also the explanation of most betrayal and regret in our life.

It is only at that moment that we realize the importance of things. Losing them is reflected in our childhood. A child may easily like other children's toys , and began to treat their toys as rubbish.

A little girl might cry when another child took one of her dolls. Even though she didn't like the doll before the robbery, as adults, we kept making fun of the dolls, not sure if they were really priceless to us. The Bible has never taught people the true meaning of cherishing and appreciating, but it seems that very few of us are good students.

Sometimes we suddenly realize that what we have is precious, but this satisfaction will not last long. The next day we will forget it and start our greedy, endless search for what we haven't got. It may be difficult to change human nature, so the only thing we can do is to remind ourselves again and again to be grateful and learn from the pain again and again.

It is hard to maintain a feeling of gratitude because we are too forgetful of the pain we have suffered, but as long as we can feel this gratitude, we will begin to enjoy our life. A contented person is always a happy one. We all know the following story about a homeless man lying on a bench enjoying the sunshine.

A millionaire came to him and asked, "why don't you go to work to make money" "why should I" "and then you can come back and enjoy the sunshine more comfortably." but the tramp replied, "now I'm comfortable, so I don't have to I went to work. " This interesting story just wants to tell us that the standard of "happiness" in your life is determined by your attitude. In any case, enjoying your beautiful grass with gratitude is far more satisfying than admiring your neighbor's.




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